Top 6 Nail Essentials We Can't Travel Without

Top 6 Nail Essentials We Can't Travel Without



After 2 long years of lockdown, I'm finally travelling! It feels surreal to finally go and meet my family after so long.

So here I am, trying to pack every possible thing in a tiny suitcase that's supposed to last me for 20 days- and it’s impossible! Being at home for so long, I'm used to having all I need at my disposal. That includes all my favourite polishes, my nail art brushes, nail decals and glitter pots.

Unfortunately, there is no way I can take all of these with me. So here is a list of items that I feel you absolutely MUST have while travelling:

1.Nail Oil Pen

Any nail art enthusiast KNOWS how essential it is to use nail oils/cuticle oils. This Nail Oil Pen is specially formulated to keep your nails flexible and moisturized and are a boon in case you're travelling to a location where its dry.

2. Peel off base coat

Carry a peel off base coat like this one from Gorgeous Cosmos just so you won’t have to carry a nail polish remover. It makes changing polishes a breeze.

Peel off base coat

 3.Nail Bio Wax

The Elcorazon Nail bio wax is a handy little pot of goodness. It nourishes, softens and protects the nail plate and cuticle and also helps with skin cuts and peels.

Bio wax

4.Mini nail polish

Mini polishes, apart from looking cute, are so handy to travel with. Brands like Nee Jolie have minis in various shades so that you can match your nails to your outfit.

Nicole diary also has peel off sheer collection of polishes which are perfect of travel!

travel nail polish

Shop them here :Nee Jolie, Nicole Diary


5.Mini Buffer

Nail Buffers are used to polish the nails using buffers of finer grit in order make the nails look more consistent and shinier. This cute mini buffer doesn't take up much of your space and also can be used to shape your nails.

6.Nail decals and stickers

Nail decals and stickers are a quick and affordable way to make your nail art look like it took hours to perfect. They also don’t take up much space so you can carry several sheets and decide the perfect match later.



What are your travel essentials? Tell us in the comments below!

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