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Let's be honest, doing a gradient on your nails is one of the oldest, easiest, and yet the trendiest look for your nails.

But hang on, for those who don’t know the world of nail polish, a gradient nail art is when you use 2 or more shades having a flawless blend between the colours on your nails.

And the best part about doing gradients is that you don't have to have to be a nail pro at all.  Trust me, anyone and everyone can do this, you cannot go wrong.

Gradients too have evolved over the years from the classic makeup sponge technique to just simply gradient-ing with a fan brush.  But one thing remains constant with doing gradients is that tends to leave nail polish up to your skin. And the worst nightmare of nail artist comes to life when you have to clean up the nail polish from your cuticle area using a clean up brush dipping in acetone.

And girl, may the nail polish gods be in your favour if it’s a dark colour that stains.

So, here are a few ways you can do a hassle-free gradient

    Yes, ladies, it is the oldest technique to save your manicures from heavy clean ups is to use tape as a barrier.
    You simply take some pieces of tape and wrap it around your cuticle in a way that it only exposes your nail bed. And that is it!
    You’re good to go ahead with gradient-ing. Once you are happy with how your nails look, you simply peel the tape off and clean the excess if needed.
    The key here is to apply tape as close as possible to your nail bed.


    Glue’s purpose is not only to stick things together. It can also act as a barrier between nail polish on your skin.
    We all know that glue breaks down only when it meets water and since nail polish doesn’t have any water molecules, it works perfectly.
    All you need to do is take an empty polish bottle, fill it halfway up with common arts and crafts glue, like fevicol and add 4-5 drops of water which will make it easy to apply.
    Give it a good shake and voila, you have it. Your own DIY glue nail barrier! Peel it right off when you are done!


    Liquid latex has rather been new in the market and is a product that is made for the sole purpose of reducing the mess for gradients.
    It works just like the glue barrier, but way better. It applies thick and it easy to peel off.
    And don’t worry if you have a latex allergy, you have tons in the market that are latex-free barriers as well.
    Plus point of using liquid latex is that it dries super quick. So, hassle-free and quick nail art, now who doesn't want that?.
  • To sum up, using barriers for gradients is inevitable, and choosing the right one is your preference. In my opinion, you should go for tapes if you are a beginner or someone who doesn't do nails as often because its cheap and convenient.
  • Go for the DIY glue barrier is you aren't ready to invest in nail products, the only downside is that glue takes a lot longer to dry and you need to do a few patch tests to get the consistency that works for you.  
  • And lastly, liquid latex barriers give you a win-win situation. Its made for doing gradients, so it dries quickly and it has a lot of variants, different colours and glitters to choose from!

So what are you waiting for? Go on, grab some nail polishes, and the barrier of your choice and gradient your troubles away.


Keep nailing it!

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