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Shipping and Returns

Shipping and Returns

Hey there! 

Thank you for taking out the time to read and understand our Shipping Policy. 

Since the nature of goods we deal with is imported and delicate, logistics is one of the most crucial wheels of this chariot.

We invest a lot of time, money, and hard work handpicking each polish and accessory and thereby procuring it for your availability.

To maintain all fairness, we instead of delluding the customer, of soaring prices of products, put them out as they are and charge only a justified amount as shipping for all the work that goes behind it.

We hope you will support us, and help us grow this way!

We ship all over India, through various e-commerce aggregators. However if you wish to specify to us, about any particular postal service you'd like, we would be more than happy to assist you.


All orders are processed in 3 to 5 Business Days. 






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