4 Step French Manicure

4 Step French Manicure

French manicure is the most classic Nail art of all the time. A simple nail art with a perfect look for any occasion.

4 Step French Manicure

French manicure nail art is all about having white tips on nude or transparent nail polish.

Here are 4 easy steps to get a perfect French manicure.

Step1: - Apply a base coat 

Begin with the base coat to protect your natural nails . Base coat is important for a long-lasting French manicure.

Step 1 - Apply a Base Coat

Step2: - Apply a Nude Polish 

Now in the Next step we will apply a coat of nude nail polish or a beige nail polish. This will make your French manicure Nails more perfect.

Step 2 - Apply a Nude Polish

Step3: - Apply white polish on tip 

Now after applying nude polish, use a bright white nail polish and apply it on the tip of your nails.

Step 3- Apply White Polish on Tips

Step4: - Seal it with top coat 

And in the final step, we will use a top coat To seal our French manicure. and this will add shine to our French manicure.

Step 4 - Seal it with Top Coat


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