5 nail art ideas to try this Christmas

5 nail art to try this Christmas.

A. Frosty Flakes : A joyful and festive way to celebrate Christmas is with frosty flakes nail art! This design is easy to create and requires few easy steps to follow.

  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Choose a light blue nail polish as a base color.
  3. Allow it to dry completely.
  4. Now, with the help of a detailing brush, dip into a white nail polish and draw a straight line all the way down till the end of your nail and followed by a horizontal line. 

    For the detailing brush, you can find it here:

  5. Next, draw a small line in the middle of each right angle.
  6. Add more details to the design by drawing small branches facing upwards.
  7. Seal it with a thick topcoat and you’re ready for your nails to shine and sparkle all season long! 


Frosty Flakes

B. Candy Cane Stripes : A fun and festive way to flaunt your holiday spirit is by making candy cane stripes on your nails! Here are few easy steps to follow:

  1. To start, first apply a base
  2. Now apply a white nail polish (two coats if required).
  3. Next, with the help of a thick detailing brush, use the red nail polish and draw thin lines horizontally. 

    Click the link below to get your detailing brush:

  4. You have the option to try this nail art on all your nails or just the thumb or ring finger.
  5. Finish off the look by sealing it with a topcoat. 


Have fun experimenting with different colors and designs to make your candy cane stripes unique!! 

Candy Cane Strips

C. Christmas Wrapped Gift Nail Art : From candy stripes to snowflakes, you can try out a lot more this Christmas season. Show off your unique style by trying out the Christmas gift nail art. All you need is a Red & Silver nail polish and a striping brush. Follow these easy steps below:

  1. To start, apply a basecoat.
  2. Apply the red nail polish on all your nails, except for the ring finger to create the design.
  3. Now, on your ring finger, apply the silver nail polish.
  4. Next, using the detailing brush and the red nail polish, draw two lines, horizontally and vertically. Now to draw the ribbons, use a slightly smaller striping brush. 

    Get your detailing brush from the link below:


  5. Now draw two loops on both the sides and draw two tiny tails below both the sides.
  6. Next step is optional, but to give a little more accent to it, you can use a white tiny rhinestone in the middle of the bow to complete the look.
  7. Now, for the rest of the nails, again with the help of a striping brush, draw a horizontal line with the silver polish.
  8. Seal it with a topcoat, and you’re ready to go!


Christmas wrapped gift nail art

D. The Mistletoe : Create your mistletoe nail art and give your nails a joyous look this Christmas season by following a few tips. All you need is Green, Red and White nail polish, a striping brush and a small dotting tool or a toothpick.

  1. Firstly, apply a basecoat.
  2. Next, start painting the tip of your nails with white nail polish.
  3. Using the detailing brush and green nail polish, draw leaves just above the white line (have a look at the picture for reference).
  4. Seal it with a topcoat once.
  5. Now, using the dotting tool and a red nail polish, start adding dots in the leaves, just as shown in the picture.
  6. Finally, finish off the look by adding a few very tiny white dots to represent the berries of the mistletoe.
  7. And seal it off with a topcoat.

The Mistletoe

E. The Snowman : It’s always incomplete to not build a Snowman when it’s snowing outside. It’s the same with your nails as well. I’m sure you’re excited to get on a Snowman nail art. All you need is to follow these steps below:

  1. Apply a basecoat.
  2. Next, apply a light blue polish as a base colour.
  3. With the help of a dotting tool and a white nail polish, make three circles on your nails (big, medium & small).

    Get your dotting tool from the link below:


  4. Next, with the striping brush draw the snowman’s features, such as eyes, nose, a hat and a scarf with a black nail polish.
  5. For extra sparkle, add a few dots of silver glitter polish onto the snowman’s body.
  6. And finish it off by sealing it with a topcoat.


The Snowman




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