5 Nail care tips for strong nails

5 Nail care tips for strong nails

Who doesn't love beautiful nails? With all that nail art we love to do, our nails often bear the brunt of all our creativity. What if we told you, you can have your nails looking shiny and gorgeous with just a few changes in your routine WITHOUT investing in expensive nail tools. Check out our list of 5 simple tips you can follow to maintain your nail health:

  1. Moisturize Moisturize Moisturize.

Dry brittle nails are a call for more moisture. If you're someone who washes their hands and sanitizes often (and in these covid times, we have to), we suggest that you must use a good moisturizer packed with ceramides. Pay special attention to your cuticles.

        2. Nail polish etiquettes

If you apply nail polishes regularly, don't skip on that base coat! Especially when using a dark nail polish, applying this Gorgeous Cosmos Peel Off Base Coat will reduce the staining of the nail .

Also, we recommend using nail polishes with a 3 free or 5 free formula, such as the ones from Littmuss ,to protect your nails and health.

         3. Keep your nails dry and Clean

Soaking your hands in water for a long time is really not good for your nails. Nails love to absorb water and when exposed to water for prolonged duration they will turn very soft and can split easily.

Use a good quality cuticle oil, such as the Born Pretty Bi-phased Cuticle Oil multiple times a day to keep them healthy and flexible.  

        4. Disinfect your nail tools

To avoid your nails getting infected, it is recommended you clean your metal nail tools and brushes regularly. Disinfect metal nail files with acetone regularly and store them in a clean and dry place.

        5.Give your nails a break

Let’s be honest, this has to be the most difficult tip to follow. But, as hard as it may be to resist that new nail art, you must give your nails a break from nail polishes at least once every fortnight.


Extra Tip (because, why not?)

Look for biotin enriched nail paints

Biotin not only aids in the growth of nails but also helps combat weak, brittle nails. Look for nail   paint formulations that have biotin to reduce damage from overusing nail polishes.


What are the tips that you follow to take extra care of you nails?

Share your wisdom in the comments!



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