5 Manicure Ideas to Rock Your Diwali

5 Nail Manicure Ideas To Rock Your Diwali Outfits

  1. Tips dipped in Gold!

Looks like Little Miss Princess dipped her fingers in liquid gold! This manicure is possible one of the easiest to achieve. Don’t worry about your blending skills, we’ll let you in on a hack 😉 Start with a nude base and using a SPONGE, blend the gold polish at the tip with the nude bade. Seal it in with a no smudge top coat and top it up with a Quick dry Top Coat.

Create this look with ILMP

1) Nude Polish

2) Gold Polish / Powder 

3) Makeup Sponge

4) Step Top Coat

Tips Dipped In Gold

2. Every style-conscious woman knows that dressing from top to toe means that all the little details require close attention. Diwali is the time to shine and one of our favorite ways to get a little more festive is to get sparkly nails on. If heavy glitter or bedazzled nails are not your thing, this nail art is perfect one for you!

a. Base Coat

b. Pink Polish 

c.Step Top Coat

d. Glitters

e. Seal it with Plumping top coat from Moraze

Diwali Manicure Ideas

3. The happiness of having your home illuminated with lights all around is one of the nicest parts of Diwali. As we all strive to look our best, why should your nails fall behind as we enter into this festive season? To add more sparkle to your Diwali look, follow the steps below:

a. Base Coat

b. Golden Glittery Nail Polish

c. Nude & Grey Nail Polish

d. Nail Brush

e. Seal it with Step Top Coat

Diwali Golden Nude Polish

4. A set of beautifully manicured nails is a sign that you've taken good care of them. Although a French manicure is always a good idea, try taking your manicure to the next level by adding these charming petals. This nail art is easy to free hand, even for a nail-art novice.

All you need is : 

a. Base Coat

b. Pink Nail Polish

c. A thin nail art brush to draw those petals

d. Lastly, seal it with Step Top Coat

Petals with Pink Polish

5.Looking for a beautiful and gorgeous way to add flair this Diwali season? This nail art can complement your outfit this special occasion or even add a unique touch to your personality. While very detailed nail art is best left to professionals, create this design with ILMP:

a. Base Coat

b. Maroon & Mauve Nail Polish

c. Glittery Nail Polish

d.  Glittery Tape

e. Finally, Seal it with Step Top Coat

Mauve & glittery polish


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