5 Tips to Style Matte Nail Polishes Perfectly

5 Tips to Style Matte Nail Polishes Perfectly

 Always picked up a matte Nail Polish from the shelf but ended up keeping it back because you were too unsure, as to whether you can style or carry it?

Here’s a perfect guide for you to explain what’s a matte Nail Polish, how to convert your Normal Nail Polish into Matte as well as 5 Nail Styles and Nail Art Ideas that can help you make the perfect choice!

Matte nail polishes are the chalky yet smooth drying nail polishes which do not reflect any shine. You can have a nail polish that dries shine-free itself, or you can transform any nail polish to matte by adding matte topcoat on top. You can also turn your Matte Nail Polish into a glossy one by simply applying a layer of Glossy Top Coat.

The Top Coat we recommend is our OG favorite- Moraze Seal-it in Top Coat, which is available at an affordable price of only INR. 99/-


TIP 1: Make sure your nails are properly shaped and filed

A matte polish easily exposes flaws due to its picture-perfect looks, it can be well suited for both short and long nails as long as they are well shaped and cuticles are in order. They tend to look slightly better on wider nails than extremely thin nails.


TIP 2: Make sure the application is non-streaky and fully opaque

If you have used a Matte Nail Polish in the past that’s old and probably gone bad, you know what I am talking about! The streaky matte nail polish is the worst that could happen to a nail, after a nail break.

Make sure to check out I Love My Polish’s wide range of Matte Nail Polishes and Matte Neons from El Corazon so that you pick the perfect Polish for your manicure.

It is equally necessary that the polish is opaque, so that its vibrancy or neutrality comes through.


TIP 3: Avoid using Nail Stickers unless you have a Matte Top Coat

A matte polish looks best with Rhinestones, or a minimal manicure. Using Glossy stickers which are readily available in the market creates an unwanted look, which is un-comprehensive and not the most elegant nail art which you might be aiming for.


TIP 4: The right way of styling Matte Nail Paints & Glossy Nail Paints together

We know we just advised you to avoid the matte look with Glossy Stickers, however matte and glossy nail paints do go well together if used wisely. Here are some mesmerizing looks for it.



TIP 5: Our Top Matte Nail Looks which will inspire you to buy a collection of Matte Nail Polishes











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