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Thabata Wyna Pimenta from Brazil is the powerhouse behind the amazing brand called Pepper Polish.

Pepper Polish since inception has launched almost 100+ Nail Polishes, covering various finishes like- Reflective Glitters, Glitters, Holographic, Flakies, Chameleons, Magnetic and various concotions of these finishes!

She officially launched Pepper Polish on 28th Jan, 2020, whose confidence to proceed in this direction was reinforced after the launch of her first collection “Minha Melhor Versao”, which turned out to be Great success!

Pepper Polish, was born the help of Thabata's very dear friend, Luciana, the Owner of the Brand Penelope Luz. Both have worked for nearly 7 years together.

It was she who saw in me the potential to have my own brand of nail polish, and who helped me a lot during the first year of the brand. I am immensely grateful to her for all the help she has given me and that she still gives me. She is also the one who introduced me with the vivid and cultural glimpse of India. She also mentioned that how much she loved India and named many shades after Indian culture and heritage, some of them are - Penelope Luz -  Diwali, Penelope Luz -  Taj Mahal, and many more which is deeply connected to Indian roots.” adds Pimenta.

She ensured that Pepper Polish reeked of her essence, of the things she values and conveys through the nail polishes, all the energy and joy that they are made with.

In her collections that followed, the themes were always light, fun, very festive, the glazes, full of personality & colors which further strengthened the Brand’s identity. 

For the collections, she seeks inspiration in the most varied situations and memories of everything she has ever lived and what she still wants to live.

But everything always has a story behind it and always has a link to her life, and usually a link to something she is especially living in at that moment.

A lot happens in a natural way, and at first, I thought they were "coincidences", but then I realized that no, and nowadays, I already look at the situations I'm living and make the beautiful nail polishes” Pimenta adds.

She has 3 collections that mean to her a lot, them being "Self-esteem", where she firmed the idea of empowerment that women have and need to have, the "Pool Party Collection", which was where she understood that she really wanted to bring lightness and joy through the glazes and "B-Day #1", which was the collection of pepper's first birthday, where she did inspire the birthday parties of the 90s, with situations and phrases very common on birthdays in Brazil at the time.


The Founder of Pepper Polish has revealed the best seller shades in the past 2 years are Neon Vibes, Acordei Gostosa, Bons Momentos, E Mentira and Unicorn Float. So make sure to check them out in this pre order from the ILMP Website.

 Pepper Polish Unicorn Float, beautiful polishes, glitter nalis and bridal polish shades.

We would this beautiful saga, by a beautiful quote “Pepper Polish is more than an enamel, it's an experience” she says, as they are created with a lot of love and efforts for your beautiful nails.

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