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Winters are here and we have the perfect kind of polish to indulge yourself in. Thermal Polish, as the name suggests is sensitive to temperature and changes colour when exposed to heat or cold . Why winters are perfect for this polish? Well its because with the cold air nipping at your fingertips is the perfect situation for the polish to show its two colours!  

Thermal polishes have special pigment in them that make it sensitive to temperature. For example, when cold, a polish may be red and warm it may be beige. A good thermal polish looks like a gradient effect specially on long nails and does not need to be dipped in cold/warm water to see the entire spectrum of its colour. 

While thermal polishes have been only a few years in the market, they've gained immense popularity. Brands like Bow Polish and Color Flecks have been doing an amazing job at bringing quality and a huge variety of thermal polish shades to choose from. Check out the favourites from our shop:  


A TRI-THERMAL polish which is deep, dark burgundy color when cold, sheer pinkish orange coral when warm, and bright, cheerful raspberry pink in the intermediate state. Yes, Bow Polish has quite a stunning range of thermal polishes that change into three colors. 


This thermal polish is light baby blue when warm and saturated pinkish purple when cold, with color shifting flakes of different size.


"World so cold" is a reflective + thermal double effect nail polish. The color changes based on your nail temperature and environmental temperature. It's grey when warm and black when cold.


Frozen Pond is a light blue when warm and blue when cold thermal with pink to gold shifting shimmer. 


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