Best Matte Nail Polishes and Matte Manicures You Must Try!

Best Matte Nail Polishes and Matte Manicures You Must Try!

Matte Nail Polishes are awesome smooth Nail Polishes, which are identified by their chalky touch. As for their hallmarks, they are supposed to be Highly Pigmented, Quick-Dry, Non-Streaky, Non-Gloopy, and not of too thick a consistency. 

At I Love My Polish, we have curated the collections of some of the best Matte Nail Polishes available in a variety of colors in India, of International Brands-

  1. El Corazon- El Corazon has some of the best nude mattes, and Matte Neons as well. Vibrant, well pigmented, 16ml in quantity, they are a dream to work with. Super nail-art friendly, the pop of color they add to the nail is very eye-catching. They are also priced extremely reasonably, for the quantity and quality they deliver. Some of our favorite shades are-



  1. Nicole Diary- Nicole Diary is an underdog brand with the perfect Matte Nail Polish in extremely demanded shades. From a dusty pink to a deep royal blue Matte, it is a Top Recommendation of ours.


The evenness of the Matte Polish makes it eye-catching. You can always use a nice Glossy Top Coat to convert the look of your Matte Nail Polish into a Crème-looking one. The vice versa is also true as, El Corazon and Born Pretty have something called the Matte Top Coat, adding a stroke of it to any crème/ any polish for that matter, mattifies it!

Of course, if you are a Nail Polish addict, you can notice the difference between a polish with a matte top coat, and a Matte Nail polish, but in case it’s just something leisurely for you, grab that bottle ASAP! Because that one bottle means you have as many mattes as Crème Polishes!

Some Indian brands that have caught our attention for being extremely affordable and high quality are that of-

  1. Spekta Satin Matte Nail Polish- This smooth formulae Nail Polish is a steal deal at the price, available in Moss Green and Dark Olive Green, it can be used in a variety of ways.


  1. Littmuss Matte Chrome- A unique series that goes beyond simple Matte Nail Polish, by adding a hint of sheen to it. What we love about them is the wide range of colors we can shop in! From light shades to dark colors, they have it all. As a brand where polishes are under the INR.200/- mark, it is the perfect brand to experiment with. Also, you can save more when you buy their combos!


Here are some Funky ways to style Matte Nail Polishes. These Inspirations show that Mattes can be used to do anything from minimalist Nail Arts to Bold Attention-seeking Nails:

  1. You can never go wrong with Neon! Try out these different shades of Orange Matte Nail Polishes for a fresh summer look, perfect for a day out on the beach. Its vibrant hue is sure to draw attention.

        @carooline.e on Instagram

  1. Minimal Matte! Mattes can be subdued shades on their own as well, and paired with glitter they create a classy look, you MUST try!

          @aishanailstudio on Instagram

  1. You are sure to make heads turn if you try out this Nail Art Idea. The combination of Matte, Shimmer, and Floral Stamp Nail Art is perfect for when you want the best of both worlds!                                                         @candycoloredbeauty on Instagram
  2. Matte Nails or Chrome Nails? How about both? A layer of Matte Nail Polish with Golden Chrome tips should be your go-to Nail Art for the ultimate minimalistic yet attractive look.

           @naildesignsdotcom on Instagram

  1. Last but definitely not least, Pink takes the crown. Pairing different shades of Pink Matte Nail Polishes along with your favorite Nude Nail Polish Shade as well creates the perfect everyday look that goes with every outfit!

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