Best Nail Accessories to have for beginners

Best Nail Accessories to have for beginners


 Here are 7 Nail Art supplies for beginners.


  1. Nail art detailing brush:This will help you to create or draw thin lines or designs and intricate details that you wouldn’t be able to do with the other tools. Grab your now from the links below.


    1. Nail oil / Cuticle oil: 

      Cuticle oil helps in improving blood flow to the root of your nails. It also protects your nails from breakage and strengthens them.



        1. Glass Nail File:

        Glass Nail filers are used to give your nails the perfect shape you want and gives your nail edges a smooth finish. Make sure to apply Nail / Cuticle oil once you’re done giving them a shape.


        1. Dual ended magnet (mostly for magnetic polish):

        Dual ended magnet is mostly used to create the cat eye effect. It is to be used right after the magnetic nail polish is being applied, keeping the magnet stick close to the nail about 2mm, where a beautiful pattern will show up. Shop magnetic polishes 


        1. Nail Stickers / Water decals:

        Nail stickers or water decals, are small decals that comes in  variety of shapes and sizes that are applied to your nails after applying nail polish which gives a distinctive look. Nail stickers and water deacons are budget friendly, easy to apply and look amazing.  

          Check out our detailed video on how to apply decals : 


        1. Dual ended ombré sponge tool (for gradient nail art):

        This tool is used for giving the design medium to heavy application coverage. This is a handy tool for doing gradient nail art on short nails.


          1. Cuticle pusher stick:

          This tool is a simple nail tool used for both manicures and pedicures. It is used for pushing the skin from your cuticles back from your nails to help your nails grow stronger. But before using the cuticle pusher, make sure you use cuticle oil to soften your nails.









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