Best Nail Designs with Nail Stickers for Beginners - I Love My Polish

Best Nail Designs with Nail Stickers for Beginners - I Love My Polish

Every artist has their beginning to becoming a master. I Love My Polish carries a wide variety of Nail Stickers for easy nail art ideas for beginners. These are quick and fun to do and super pretty to look at.

Using them is very simple, all the steps depend on your interpretation of ideas:

  • You can have Minimal Nail Art where: The stickers can be used on the base coat itself, or a jelly polish to create a great contrasting look. This can look extremely pretty with golden embossed decals or stickers, as well as floral minimal ones.
  • The Other Conventional Route Involves: Applying your Base coat, and choice of Nail Polish, and once it’s touch dry, stick the Nail Art Sticker onto it in 1 go and press it well so it settles. Top it all with a Top Coat to prolong its stay!
  • Many People Who Wish to Show Off their Creativity also Try the ‘Journaling Your Nails Method’: In this, you create some nail art design and combine various stickers, on various angles to create a cohesive and journal-like looking Nail Art design, and trust us, it is surely attention seeking!

    These are surely the best thing to carry as well when going on trips, and you cannot carry your entire Nail Vanity. A Nail Polish, A Sticker Sheet, and a Top Coat! You are now good to vacay.

    Here are some amazing stickers we carry at I Love My Polish:

    1.   Evil Eye Nail Art Sticker Sheet

    2.   Golden and Black Fire Nail Art Sticker Sheets

    3.   Love and Romance Nail Art Sticker Sheets

    4.   Floral and Tropical Multicolor Nail Art Sticker Sheet

    5.   Leaf and Floral Nail Art Sticker Sheet







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