Born Pretty Gel Polish: Buy the Nail Salon’s Favorite Brand in India

Born Pretty Gel Polish: Buy the Nail Salon’s Favorite Brand in India

When it comes to nail art, Born Pretty is a name that resonates internationally for its exceptional quality and innovative products. From stunning gel polishes to an array of nail art essentials, Born Pretty has carved a niche for itself in the beauty industry. Fortunately for those in India, Born Pretty's excellence is now just a few clicks away through I Love My Polish . Let's explore the range of Born Pretty gel polish products, their diverse uses, and why Born Pretty has achieved international recognition.



  1. Born Pretty Gel Polish:

Born Pretty gel polish is renowned for its high pigmentation, long-lasting wear, and a vast spectrum of shades to choose from. Whether you prefer classic nudes, bold reds, or trendy neons, Born Pretty has a gel polish to suit every mood and occasion. These gel polishes are perfect for creating elegant and durable manicures that last for weeks without chipping or fading.

Born Pretty leads modernization of Nail Polishes, as they also have Jelly Nail Gel Polishes, Cat Eye Magnetic Nail Polishes, Reflective Glitter Gel Polishes, Nude Base Gel Colors etc.

 Born Pretty Gel Nail Polish


  1. Born Pretty Gel Base Coat and Top Coat:

To ensure your gel manicure stays flawless, Born Pretty offers a Gel Base Coat and Top Coat. The base coat provides a smooth canvas for the gel polish, while the top coat adds shine and a protective layer to seal in your beautiful nail art. This dynamic duo ensures your gel manicure looks stunning and remains chip-free. Born Pretty also has a range of  other top coats such as Super Top Coat, No Wipe Top Coat, Base Coat as well as unique toppers and special effects polishes such as Reflective Glitter Topper too!

 Born Pretty Quick Extension Gel


  1. Born Pretty Nail Art Brushes:

Nail art is all about precision, and Born Pretty's range of nail art brushes helps you achieve intricate designs with ease. Whether you're into freehand painting or nail stamping, these brushes are designed to offer optimal control, making your nail art ideas come to life.

 Acrylic 5pcs Nail Art Brush Set


  1. Born Pretty Stamping Plates& Stamping Polishes:

Born Pretty is also celebrated for its stunning collection of nail stamping plates. These plates feature a variety of intricate designs, from florals to geometric patterns and everything in between. With Born Pretty stamping plates, you can effortlessly create detailed nail art by transferring the designs onto your nails with a stamping kit. Don’t forget to also get the right Stamping Polishes as well as the Stamper when you choose your pick.


Born Pretty Decorations Stamping Plate
  1. Born Pretty Chrome Powders:

Born Pretty's Chrome Powders are a must-have for those who love metallic and mirror-finish nails. These powders can transform your gel polish into dazzling chrome and holographic effects, adding a touch of glamour to your manicure.

 Silver Mirror Chrome Nail Powder


Why Born Pretty is an Internationally Recognized Brand:

Born Pretty has earned its international acclaim for several reasons:

  1. Quality Assurance: Born Pretty is dedicated to offering high-quality nail products that meet global beauty standards.
  2. Innovation: The brand is known for continuously introducing new and exciting nail art products and tools.
  3. Accessibility: Born Pretty's products are accessible worldwide through trusted distributors like I Love My Polish, making these international beauty standards available to Indian customers.



Born Pretty at I Love My Polish in India:

I Love My Polish is your gateway to the world of Born Pretty in India. The partnership between Born Pretty and I Love My Polish allows Indian nail enthusiasts to explore and enjoy a wide range of Born Pretty's exceptional products, from gel polishes to nail art essentials. The collaboration makes it convenient for you to access these internationally recognized beauty products without the hassle of international shipping.

Born Pretty gel polish products offer a world of creative possibilities for nail art lovers in India. The brand's commitment to quality, innovation, and accessibility has made it a renowned name in the global beauty industry. With I Love My Polish as the bridge between Born Pretty and Indian customers, you can now indulge in the excellence of Born Pretty's nail products and elevate your nail art game to new heights. Explore the range and let your nails shine with Born Pretty's internationally acclaimed products.

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