Born Pretty Gel Polish Range: Discover the Best Gel Polish Brand in India

Born Pretty Gel Polish Range: Discover the Best Gel Polish Brand in India

If you're someone who loves to keep their nails looking fresh and polished, gel polish is an excellent option. Gel polish lasts much longer than traditional nail polish and gives your nails a salon-quality finish. And if you're looking for the best gel polish brand in India, Born Pretty is the perfect choice for you. Let's take a closer look at their range of products. I Love My Polish is proud to offer this best-selling brand in India. Here's everything you need to know about the Born Pretty Gel Polish Range.

Born Pretty Gel Polish Range

Born Pretty is a brand that offers a wide range of gel polishes in different shades and finishes. Their products are of high quality and offer a long-lasting, chip-resistant finish. Here are some of the products they offer:


  1. Plain Gel Polishes & Gel Nail Polish Sets

Born Pretty's range of plain colors is extensive, with a shade to suit every occasion and mood. From bold and bright to soft and subtle, there is a color for everyone. The plain gel polishes are easy to apply and provide a smooth, flawless finish that lasts for weeks.


Available in Sizes of 7ml and 10ml

 Born Pretty gel polishes are available in sizes of 7ml and 10ml, making it easy to choose the perfect size for your needs. The smaller 7ml size is perfect for those who like to experiment with different colors, while the larger 10ml size is great for those who have a favorite shade that they use regularly.

Born Pretty offers gel polish sets in a variety of shades and finishes, making it easy to find the perfect set for your needs. Their sets include up to six different shades in various finishes, including glitter, metallic, and matte. They are more affordable and suitable for salons.

Many Salons also get their set of 120 Gel Nail Color Sets.


  1. One-Step Gel Polish

If you're someone who prefers a quick and easy manicure, Born Pretty's one-step gel polish is the perfect option for you. This polish doesn't require a base coat or top coat, making it quick and easy to apply.



  1. Thermal Gel Nail Polish (Temperature-Activated Gel Polish)

For a fun and unique nail art experience, Born Pretty offers temperature-activated gel polish. This polish changes color depending on the temperature, giving you a fun and unique manicure that will turn heads. Being thermal that is temperature sensitive in nature, they are of a certain color in the warm weather, and create an ombre like different look in a cooler temperature.

  1. Glitter Gel Polish

If you're someone who loves a bit of sparkle, Born Pretty's glitter gel polish is perfect for you. This polish is packed with glitter, giving your nails a dazzling, eye-catching finish.


  1. Matte Gel Polish

For a chic and sophisticated look, Born Pretty offers matte gel polish in a variety of shades. This polish gives your nails a velvety, matte finish that looks complete in itself, and is very nailart friendly as well.

  1. Reflective Glitter Gel Polishes

Born Pretty offers a wide range of reflective glitter gel polishes that are perfect for creating a sparkly and glamorous look. These polishes come in a variety of colors and can be applied as a top coat over plain gel polish or used alone for a glittery effect. The reflective glitter gel polishes are easy to apply and provide a long-lasting, chip-resistant finish. They are extremely sparkly and show their surreal glow under the flash light.


  1. Magnetic Nail Polishes

Born Pretty's magnetic nail polishes are another popular choice for those looking for unique and eye-catching nail designs. These polishes come with a special magnet that creates a stunning 3D effect on the nails. Simply apply the polish, place the magnet over the nail, and watch as the pattern is created. These polishes are available in a range of colors, making it easy to create your desired look.



Check out our other blog which details on the various ways to use a Magnetic Nail Polish as well.

  1. Builder Gels

Born Pretty's builder gels are a must-have for those looking to add strength and length to their nails or deal with brittle nails. These gels can be used to create extensions or as a base coat to add strength to natural nails. The builder gels come in a range of shades and finishes, making it easy to create your desired look. The various nude colors and olive colors, provide the right pick for all skin tones.



Why Choose Born Pretty?

Born Pretty is a brand that is dedicated to providing high-quality, long-lasting gel polishes at an affordable price. Their products are easy to apply and offer a professional finish, making them perfect for those who love to do their nails at home. Additionally, Born Pretty products are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly, making them a great choice for those who prefer ethical beauty products.

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