Bow Nail Polish - The Rising Star Brand

Bow Nail Polish - The Rising Star Brand

It's Pre-Order season! The newest Brand that I Love My Polish has brought to you is none other than the Russian Brand, Bow Nail Polish. One thing's for sure, after reading this blog and checking out Bow Nail Polish, you will fall in love with Nail Polishes all over again! Read on to know more about what sets them apart and our top recommendations.

Bow Nail Polish is a Russian brand that is rapidly gaining popularity for its unique shades and experimental Nail Polish. They pride themselves on an unbelievably wide range of nail polishes, never failing to leave their fans in awe. Bow Nail Polish never fears to experiment with their formulas, delivering unexpected color combinations, advanced textures, and a huge variety of effects such as Holographic, Thermal, Flakies, and Confetti. They have mastered the art of combining and mixing Nail Polish Finishes such as Magnetic, Chameleon, and Jelly and creating Nail Polishes that are One of a Kind.

When you try on Bow Nail Polish, you will never be bored. It's never the same old shades and there is always something vibrant and dynamic to look forward to. Hybrid finishes are their forte. Be it Magnetic Nail Polishes with Multi-chrome effect, Thermal Nail Polishes with Reflective Glitter, or Glow-in-the-Dark Stamping Polishes, they do them all and leave you craving for more!

I bet you've heard of Color-Changing Thermal Nail Polishes before, those which change their color depending on whether you're in a cold or a warm surrounding. With Bow Nail Polish, you can finally try out a new derivative of Thermal Nail Polishes called "Solar Thermal" Nail Polishes, which changes color when exposed to Sunlight!

Ultra Violet (UV) light under Sunlight. They even have Tri-Thermal Nail Polishes which change to three different shades under different temperature conditions! Similarly, you not only get your basic (but totally amazing) Glitter Nail Polishes from them but you also get to experiment with its derivatives which are Reflective, Flash Reflective, and Iridescent Nail polish.


FUN FACT: Bow Nail Polish is the first Brand to introduce Flash Reflective Nail Polishes to the market and we have never been more grateful.

SUPER COOL NAIL POLISH ALERT: Bow Nail Polish's Bow Phantom shade, which is a solar and thermal nail polish, is a Nude Nail Polish when you're in your room. When it's cold indoors, it is orange and when we step out in the sun it is purple and then eventually it's deep purple. Impressive, huh?


And now’s the time we enlighten your eyes with the most gorgeous Nail Polishes Bow Nail Polish has to offer. Here are our top 5 recommendations for Bow Nail Polish shades we feel you should definitely check out:

  • Bow Nail Polish -Alterlife (Reflective + Thermal): This temperature-sensitive nail polish gives you a sheer pinkish peach shade when warm, and turns into deep dark purple when cold. There's also an in-between grey shade which is a bit hard to catch. Winter is the best time for thermal nail polish due to large temperature differences. It is filled with small iridescent glitter shifting from reddish-orange to gold and green.

  • Bow Nail Polish - Paths (Holographic + Flakies): This is a cool-toned light pink shade with a white base. Depending on the lighting, it can look a bit neon. There are lots of holographic flakes as well as some sheer multi-chrome flakes shifting from golden orange to turquoise-green in their texture. This polish has a jelly-like formula but it covers the visible nail line completely in two coats.

  • Bow Nail Polish - Spiritbox (Magnetic): This pearly greyish-blue magnetic polish is leaning periwinkle thanks to a hint of purple in its undertone. The base is filled with greenish-blue flakes shifting to purple.

  • Bow Nail Polish - Phoenix (Tri-Thermal): Turn heads with this triple threat thermal nail polish that changes color from burgundy (cold) to pink (when in transition) to coral (warm) and mica flakies to give you a look on your nails that's fire. It is Burgundy when cold, Pink when transitioning, and Coral when warm.

  • Bow Nail Polish - Walking Dream (Jelly + Glitter): A creamy and classy nail polish with a jelly texture and with multi-chrome glitter additives that sparkle and shine. It has a nude appearance and shows off the charms of pastel nail colors in a Glitter Nail Polish.

  • Bow Nail Polish - Nail Hardener (Nail Care): Don’t forget about Nail Care! A nail strengthener is what you need to bring your nails back to life. Giving your nails strength and moisture. It restores, nourishes, stimulates collagen and elastin production, and stimulates cell renewal in your nail bed, allowing you to able to keep creating your brilliant nail art designs. This nail hardener has vitamins A and E, Ginko Blob Leaf extract, Argan oil, Olive leaf extract, and Inca-inch oil.


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