The Freshest Nail Polish Brand in Town - Color Flecks Nail Polish

The Freshest Nail Polish Brand in Town - Color Flecks Nail Polish

It is finally here! I Love My Polish Pre-Orders are hitting town once again and I know you all are just as psyched as I am. The brand we are presenting to present to you is none other than the Russian Brand Color Flecks. Read on to know more about what makes them unique and why they should totally be on your wish list.

Color Flecks is a young indie brand of the Russian nail blogger @kate_cuticle. It follows and represents the freshest trends in new collections, like juicy colors, and a wide range of textures and effects such as holographic, thermal, flakies, confetti, and more.

  With the most vibrant and freshest shades, Color Flecks Nail Polishes are bound to lift your spirits. The best part about Color Flecks is that they have nail polish shades to suit every occasion and go with every outfit. For example, for the color blue, they have a light pastel blue flakies nail polish (Hawaii), a fun, cute little shade perfect for a picnic with your friends in the daytime. On the other hand, they have a dark blue Holographic nail polish (Jelly Bear), suiting your night outs.



Jelly Bear 

Color Flecks offers a wide variety of shades, ranging from Color-Changing Thermal Nail Polishes to bright and youthful Confetti Nail Polishes. Their Confetti Nail Polishes will bring you the excitement you feel when you hear the party-popper burst out with confetti during parties or celebrations.



What sets apart Color Flecks from the rest is their team’s ability to mix and match different nail polish finishes and give us the best of both worlds. Their most popular cross-over, First Kiss, is a Thermal meets Confetti finish that will give you the most gorgeous manicure ever. With each nail polish being an experience in itself, Color Flecks always keeps us guessing and craving for more.

Here are I Love My Polish’s top 6 recommendations for Color Flecks Nail Polishes:

  • Color Flecks Nail Polish - Sunset: It is a Bright Thermal Nail Polish with fun Confetti flakes with a Jelly texture with Glitter additives and Blue and Deep Blue Holographic Flakies. It shifts from Pastel Pink to White.



  • Color Flecks Nail Polish – MGN: It is a Color-changing, temperature reactive, Thermal Jelly Nail Polish with a transition from orange (when warm) to red (when cold) with the addition of torn black and silver glitter.





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