Cozy Nail Polishes and Crazy Nail Art Ideas for Fall 2023

Cozy Nail Polishes and Crazy Nail Art Ideas for Fall 2023

As the crisp autumn breeze settles in and leaves begin to paint the landscape with hues of orange, red, and brown, it's time to embrace the season's beauty in every way possible, including your nails. At, we understand the importance of staying on-trend and expressing your creativity through your nails. In this blog, we'll explore the must-have fall shades and nail art ideas that will make your nails the highlight of the season.


Fall Nail Shades from :

  1. Nee Jolie Red Nail polish with Golden Shimmer: To capture the essence of fall's changing foliage, opt for a warm, deep red with Golden Shimmer. This shade will complement the autumn landscape and add a touch of sophistication to your nails.

  1. Born Pretty - Purple Water Based Nail Polish: A soft and muted taupe, this polish exudes comfort and warmth. It's the perfect neutral for fall and pairs beautifully with a variety of outfits. It comes with the benefits of Peel Off Polishes in India.

  1. Lights Lacquer - Das Esspensive: Embrace the golden hues of the season with Harvest Gold. This stunning shade will give your nails a radiant and luxurious appearance, reminiscent of falling leaves bathed in sunlight.

  1. Ginger Polish - Georgia On My Mind: Dive into the rich green shades of fall forests with Forest Green. It's a versatile color that can add a pop of freshness to your fall nail looks. With its Golden flakies, it adds an extra oomph making it a distinct polish, and a unique one in India only available at I Love My Polish.

  1. Nicole Diary Lilac Matte Nail Polish - ND-11: For a deeper, more dramatic look, this wintery matte nail polish in lilac shade is a must-try. This dark purple shade embodies the season's elegance and mystery.

  1. Lights Lacquer - Mr. Brightside: Warm up your nails with the spicy and inviting tones of Cinnamon Spice. This shade is perfect for adding a touch of zest to your fall nail game. Lights Lacquer’s Orange Nail Polish with Golden Shimmer is a beautiful pick for the season.

Fall Nail Art Ideas :

Now that you have your fall shades in hand, let's explore some nail art ideas that will elevate your autumn look.

  1. Marbled Leaves: Use a combination of Autumn Maple, Forest Green, and Harvest Gold to create marbled leaf designs on your nails. These earthy tones mimic the fall foliage, making your nails an exquisite canvas of seasonal beauty.

 I Love My Polish ILMP

  1. Sweater Weather Nails: Recreate the cozy feeling of a favorite sweater on your nails with a textured nail polish like Cozy Cashmere. Add small cable-knit patterns or sweater-inspired accents for a charming and unique fall look.

 I Love My Polish ILMP

  1. Matte Magic: Transform your fall shades into matte masterpieces. Applying a matte topcoat to your chosen shade will give your nails a velvety finish that's perfect for the season.

 I Love My Polish ILMP

  1. Pumpkin Spice Nails: Celebrate the iconic flavor of fall with pumpkin spice-themed nails. Create pumpkin accents using Spiced Plum and Cinnamon Spice, and add tiny spice details for an extra touch of warmth.

 I Love My Polish ILMP

  1. Falling Leaves: Adorn your nails with delicate falling leaf designs using a fine brush and a combination of Forest Green and Harvest Gold. These intricate details will capture the essence of autumn beautifully.

 I Love My Polish ILMP

  1. Glittering Night Sky: Add a touch of glamour to your fall nail look with a glittering topcoat. Choose a shade with gold or bronze glitter particles to mimic the shimmering night sky during this season.

 I Love My Polish ILMP


Fall is a season of change, and your nails should reflect the beauty of this transformation. With the fall shades from and these creative nail art ideas, you can embrace the season's spirit and showcase your style.
Whether you opt for marbled leaves, sweater-inspired textures, or pumpkin spice accents, your nails will be the perfect accessory to your fall wardrobe. So, explore the stunning fall nail shades at in India and start experimenting with these nail art ideas to capture the magic of autumn on your fingertips.

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