Different Types of Nail Art Brushes and their Uses

Different Types of Nail Art Brushes and their Uses

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If you want a really good nail art then the nail art brushes can help you to achieve your desired look. These brushes are the key for your perfect nail art but there will be many questions in your mind..

What are the different types of brushes? How to use them? In starting it can be a little difficult for you to use these brushes but with time you will get used to it.


Here are some different types of brushes


1. Two way Dotting Tool :- Two Way Dotted Tool

This one is the most common nail art brush, with the help of this tool you can create dots of almost any shape or design you like.

Drawing a circle is a challenge for everyone. Doting tool helps you create even, perfectly symmetrical dots. Besides dot you can even create drip nail art designs, heart shapes,  Leopard prints and many more textured finishes.


2. Striping Brushes :-

Stripping Brushes

The striping brushes are perfect for a clean and crisp nail art design full stop the tip of the brush helps in drawing small to tiny designs and filling colors.

With the help of this brush one can create geometric line, color blocks, marbling effect and many more nail art designs that require line Creations.


3. Detailing Brush :-

 Detailing Brush

Detailing brush is a different version of typing Brush It has smaller tip then the stripping brush

A detailing  brush has a super thin tip for a perfect nail art.

These are very easy to hold and paint . this brush helps in creating a beautiful super fine and thin nail art design.

These also work well with gel nail polish and acrylic paint you can create letter designs or filigree design on your nail with the help of this brush.


4. Flat Brush :- 

 Flat Brush

It is a medium length brush and the bristles on the brush have been cut straight across, rather than to point.

And the flat brushes are used for painting flat surfaces such as base of nail.

You can create one stroke designs very easily and these can also we used for blending and shading.

Also people always cut it by side and use it as angle brush and make many more different designs like gradient flowers.


5. Fan Brush :-

Fan Brush

 A fan brush is the most unique brush in nail art brushes. it helps in shading, creating swirl and sprinkling glitter. It is also used for brushing of excessive powder or glitter too.

Fan brush is also perfect for applying flakies and cleaning away deleris from flakies. Fan Rush can be used for creating gradient by wetting the brush and using acrylic paints.


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