Easy Christmas Manicure you must try!

Easy Christmas Manicure you must try!

 If you are someone who enjoys Christmas colors all your long you cannot miss this easy Christmas manicure.



All you need:

  1. Nude Base coat: 
  2. A Plum holographic Polish.
  3. Detailing Brush: 
  4. A tiny white rhinestone
  5. Top coat: 


To start off,

  1. Apply the nude base coat.
  2. Let the base coat dry off completely, then start applying the Plum Polish on all your nails, except the ring finger.
  3. With the detailing brush, on your ring finger, draw a horizontal and a vertical line.
  4. Next, make a bow connecting the two lines drawn.
  5. Add a white rhinestone to complete the look.
  6. Finish off with a thick top coat.



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