Easy to Remove Peel-Off Nail Polishes are now in India!

Easy to Remove Peel-Off Nail Polishes are now in India!

Love wearing Nail Polishes but dread removing them? Well, fear not! Peel-Off Nail Polishes are the perfect pick for you! No more dealing with messy fingers and stubborn glitter that just never seems to come off! This blog will take you through all you need to know about Peel-Off Nail Polishes along with our exclusive recommendations.

easy to remove peel off nail polishes in india

Peel-Off Nail Polishes are natural, water-based polishes with resin as the raw material. It is color pigments on a water base with just the right amount of adhesive to ensure your manicure lasts long while ensuring hassle-free removal. Non-toxic and mild, these make minimal use of hazardous chemicals that may damage your skin and your nails. Kid-Friendly, these nail polishes are highly recommended by dermatologists as they are easier on your nails and reduce corrosion to them. In addition, they are also more healthy and environmentally friendly than other nail polishes.

As the name suggests, Peel-Off Nail Polishes are easy to remove. You can easily remove them in one go by peeling off the entire piece from your nails. No more aggressive rubbing with acetone! However, even though they can be easily removed by peeling off, this does not mean that your nail polish will crack and peel while it’s still on your nails. These nail polishes are sufficiently adhesive and long-lasting and won’t peel off on their own unless you rub them with some slight force when you want to remove them. Peel-Off Nail Polishes are more adhesive than Peel-Off Base Coats and last for a week without a top coat, without even chipping!

peel off nail polish

One of the most important benefits, Peel-Off Nail Polishes is that they save your nails from the ill effects of Acetone. Acetone is a common chemical used to remove nail polish, found in most nail polish removers. However, its usage comes with certain hazards. Exposure to Acetone dries out your cuticles and can irritate your eyes, nose, and throat if your fingers come in contact with your face. You all must have gone through the horrors of applying Acetone when you have a cut on your fingers that led to a burning sensation and left you annoyed. Well, no need to worry about that anymore as Peel-Off Polishes will save you from that misery!

harmful effects of acetone nail polish remover

Peel-Off Nail Polishes are also an amazing option for when you’re in a rush and don’t have the time to sit for hours making sure you remove every bit of nail polish from your nails. Just peel it off and wash your hands with water and you’re good to go! Peel-Off Nail Polishes are also very convenient for travel.


Peel-Off Nail Polishes don’t necessarily have to be simple. They can be a base formula to build your Nail Art designs upon. You can try out several combinations and mix and match with several finishes such as Sheer Nail Polishes and Flakies, Sheer Nail Polishes and Glitter Nail Polishes, normal opaque-looking nail polishes, and Crème Nail Polishes.

Now it’s time for us to give you I Love My Polish’s Top 5 Picks for the Perfect Peel-Off Nail Polishes:

nicole diary water based peel off nail polish
nicole diary water based peel off nail polish
nicole diary nude nail polish peel off
nicole diary nail polish peel off

 red nicole diary water based nail polish



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