5 Hacks for Last Longing Nails

Five hacks to make your Nail Polish Last Longer

You know how time consuming painting your nails and according to me a normal nail polish will never last longer. And everyone hates it when it starts chipping of in a day or two, reason can be anything.

So in order to make sure that your nail polish last longer there are few things that can help…

1.Apply Nail Polish Remover

Apply Nail Paint Remover - Hacks for Long Lasting Nails

In the first step clean your nail polish with a good nail polish remover. Even if your nails are already bare still clean them with a polish remover before applying new nail polish. Because our nails have natural oils, which prevents nail polish from sticking correctly.

2.Don’t soak

Don't Soak - Hacks for Last Longer Nails

Don’t wash your hand or bath before applying nail polish because your nails can expand . And after that when you apply the nail polish and it dries ,your nail polish Will crack prematurely.

3. Apply Base Coat

Apply Base Coat - Hacks for Long Lasting Nails

A high quality base coat is important to make your nail polish last longer and it will also give a smooth finish to your nail polish which leads to less chipping.


Application - Hacks for  Long Lasting Nails

Your nail polish will take a longer time to dry if you use too much nail polish on the brush. Paint your nails with 2 to 3 coats with your favorite nail polish. Make sure you wait for 2 to 3 minutes before applying next coat.

The long you wait the better.

5.Use a Chip resisting Top Coat 

Chip Resisting Top Coat-Hacks For Last Longer Nails

Find a good quality top coat and it will protect your polish from peeling over time.

After the steps, let your nail polish fully dry. Normally polycystic 5 to 7 minutes to dry.




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