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Get Roaring Nail Art This Chinese New Year

Ring in the Year of the Dragon with Dazzling Chinese New Year Nail Art Ideas

As we step into the Year of the Dragon, what better way to celebrate than with a burst of color and creativity on your fingertips? ILMP is here to guide you through Chinese New Year-inspired nail art ideas, highlighting the symbolic colors of red, golden, and black, with a touch of shimmer to make your nails truly stand out.


  1. Radiant Red Resplendence:

Red is the undisputed star during Chinese New Year, symbolizing luck, prosperity, and joy. Paint your nails in a stunning red nail polish as the base, and let your creativity soar. Experiment with traditional Chinese motifs like cherry blossoms, lanterns, or the majestic dragon itself by using some gorgeous Stamping plates, or even use our Nailart Brushes to show off some free-hand nail art skills.

 The key is to embrace the boldness of red and infuse it with intricate details to make your nail art pop.

Red Nail Polish in its classic Scarlet avatar shall be the perfect color to don upon your nails. Shimmering colors such as Red Nail Polish with a Golden shimmer, or even Golden Flakies such as Mooncat’s shroomdom and Pandemonium make up for great choices. And if you are on a budget you can definitely find a metallic nail polish with Step Nail Polish or gorgeous long lasting and high-gloss Red Nail Polish from El Corazon.

Also Zoya’s Rashida definitely is a top pick from our side!



  1. Golden Grandeur for Good Fortune:

Gold is synonymous with wealth and prosperity in Chinese culture, making it a must-have for your Chinese New Year nail art. Apply a lavish Golden Nail Polish as the primary color or use it as an accent to complement the Red Nail Polish which can go on all other nails. The combination of red and gold will bring an opulent touch to your nail art, perfect for welcoming good fortune in the Year of the Dragon.

You can even add an oomph to your nail art by using Chunky Golden Nail Polish options such as from Lights Lacquer, China Glaze and more!



  1. Mystical Black Accents:

Black may not be a traditional Chinese New Year color, but it adds depth and sophistication to your nail art. Incorporate Black Nail Polish as a base or use it for detailed accents that contrast with the vibrant Red Nail Polish and Golden Nail Polish. Intricate patterns like Chinese calligraphy characters or silhouettes of dragons in black can add a touch of mystique and intrigue to your Chinese New Year-inspired nails.

Creating Red and Black Ombre Nails could be a great Nail Art idea in itself, by simply using Nail Art Ombre Sponges.


  1. Shimmering Dragon Scales:

As 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, pay homage to this majestic creature by incorporating dragon scales into your nail art.

Apply a Red Nail Polish or Golden Nail Polish base and use shimmering iridescent nail polish from Born Pretty and use a Stamping Plate with Mermaid Scales to create the illusion of dragon scales. This not only adds a mystical dimension to your nails but also aligns perfectly with the theme of the year. Buy a Stamper and a scraper set from I Love My Polish along with the Stamping Plates to nail this look!


Embrace the auspicious colors of red, golden, and black for your Chinese New Year nail art, and let your nails tell a story of prosperity and good fortune. At, we understand the importance of choosing the perfect shades, and our extensive collection ensures you have access to top-quality red, golden, and black nail polishes to bring your Chinese New Year nail art vision to life.

Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with nail art that captivates and mesmerizes. Let be your go-to destination for high-quality red, golden, and black nail polishes, ensuring your Chinese New Year nail art is nothing short of spectacular. May your nails be a reflection of the joy, prosperity, and good fortune that the Year of the Dragon brings!

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