Gradient Nail Art Colour Combos, You Just Can’t Miss This Summer!!

Gradient Nail Art Colour Combos, You Just Can’t Miss This Summer!!

Fast drying nails are such a boon to every nail artist and summer is the perfect time to do all sorts of experiments with your nail art game.And, to match sassy outfits with colourful nail arts makes us feel like we are all in Diva Land!! One of the most commonly loved techniques for colourful nail arts are Gradients. Not only do they stand out alone, but also uplift a nail art to different heights.

Mix different shades you haven’t tried before, make patterns you are unsure about but have been dying to try, in short, just experiment and create your own Summer Gradient nail art.



To start with the method it is always advised to have a White Base Polish if you are going for Bright colours, as it makes the nail art pop. Also, a good cuticle defender and Make-up Sponges are your best friends! For neatness.

  1. Now apply the white base coat.

(Pro Tip: Always let the base completely dry out before starting, otherwise you are very likely to smudge the Gradient.)

  1. Take a sponge and apply one colour on top of it and the other slightly below it. Now merge them at a point so that there is a gradient like look on the sponge which you shall imprint.
  2. Don’t worry if one dab doesn’t get you there! You can go again and again at it, until you reach the desired look.

(Pro Tip: Make sure to let the polish dry for at least three minutes before repeating a dab.)

  1. After it has dried, apply a top coat and let it dry completely.
  2. Now use an ear bud and dip it in the acetone or nail polish remover and wipe off the extra edges. Use a brush for the finer details.

Your Gradient Nail Art is ready.





Keep calm and stay peachy. Rock this cute Peach-i-licious gradient nail art and make those heads turn.

Nail Polishes used :  China Glaze: I Just Can’t-Loupe Mini Peach Nail Polish, Gorgeous Cosmos Beluga Mauve Nail polish


Red Passion



Have a “Cherry-on-top” kind of day. Flaunt this gorgeous Red Passion gradient nail art and paint the town red!!

Nail Polishes used :   Spekta- Senorita Red Nail Polish ,  El Corazon Charm and Beauty Pink colour nail polish no. 867


Blueberry Crush




Pink and Blue are forever two. Rock this beautiful gradient colour combo and spread those chill summer vibes everywhere you go.

Nail polishes used :  Gorgeous Cosmos Oxford Blue Nail polish , Gorgeous Cosmos Pink of Health Neon Pink Nail polish


Icy Plum




You and I are like Blue and Purple. Perfect together. Flaunt this pretty gradient combo on a beautiful summer evening like the colours of the sky.

Nail polishes used Nee Jolie Matte Maroon Nail Polish NJ011 , Gorgeous Cosmos Uncut Turquoise Blue Matte Nail Polish.


Ivory Blush




Who wouldn’t want to blush on a moonlit date night? Or better, flaunt this flirty gradient combo on a fun outing with your girls.

Nail Polishes used :  Gorgeous Cosmos Dusty fuchsia Pink Nail Polish , Spekta Cool Cat White Nail Polish



I hope these colourful gradient combos will make your summer brighter and happier.

Happy nails to all of you!!



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