How to apply glitter on your nails - without the mess

How to apply glitter on your nails - without the mess


Whenever there's a wedding or a party to go to, a plain polish just doesn't cut it. Adding glitter is the perfect way to complement your festive or wedding outfits. Glitter polishes are great but why restrict yourself to one? Using loose glitter powders opens up endless possibilities for you to get creative with your nail art.

But,it can get too messy right? The last thing we want is to look like a glitter bomb exploded on our faces. 

Read on to find out how to apply glitter to your nails without making a mess. 


  1. Base polish - we're using Debelle Peony Blossom
  2. Gold holographic glitter jar

And our secret weapon:
   3. Nail glitter and Stones saver box 


1.Apply your base coat and base polish. Make sure to match your polish to the glitter

2.Now going nail by nail, apply a second coat of polish.

3.While the polish is still wet, shake some glitter on your nail. Make sure your fingers are above the saver box so that it can catch any loose glitter

4.Shake the excess glitter off and repeat for other nails

5.Once all the finger are done and the polish is dry, apply your top coat .

6.Transfer all the excess glitter collected in the saver box back to your container


And Voila! You have a mastered the art of applying loose glitter without making a mess

PRO TIP: the saver box can also be used while applying stones and other small elements to your nails.

 Here are a few glitter nail art inspiration for you to try at home.



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