How to clean nail art brushes

How to clean nail art brushes

These days everyone is trying different types of nail arts at home .Good nail art brushes are key to perfect nail art so if you want to go for something amazing art for your nails then you should definitely invest in a good nail art brush.

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But you have to take good care of you nail are brushes so the brushes will be ready for nail art at a moment's notice!

Wondering how to clean your favourite nail art brushes at home ? Dont worry we are here to help you with that …

  1. Take a bowl or a dish and put some nail polish remover in it and then place your brushes in the bowl and leave it for10-20 seconds . After that clean your brushes with a clean towel directly .  
  2. Pour some cuticle oil in a bowl and then dip your brushes in that bowl then dab the brush on a clean part of the paper towel to get rid of excess
  3. Soak a cotton pad in some alcohol or nail paint remover and wipe the both side of your brush on the pad and remove the polish.Wipe the brush in 1 direction before turning it to the other
  4. Another way of cleaning your nail art brushes is apply a good amount of top coat on your nail art brush until they are clean .then gently wipe it with the help of a clean
  5. If the bristles of your nail art brushes are severely damaged or broken then you can save them by soaking them in hot water
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