Optical Illusion French Nails

How to get Optical Illusion French Nails

Optical illusion nail or ombre French manicure, call it want you want but there is no denying that it has hit social media by a storm. Its trippy, it looks amazing and we can’t wait to tell you how simple it is to do!

Gradient Ombre Nails

The basic technique is to create a gradient from left to right (instead of the usual top down) and then reverse the colors on the French tip. A deceptively complex version of the gradient trend but we're always up for trying something new.


Materials required:

  1. Navy blue and cobalt blue polish
  2. Detail brush
  3. Sponge

STEP1: The Base

Kyth and Kin Navy Blue El Corazon Cobalt Blue

Make a vertical gradient of the two polishes - navy blue and cobalt blue.

To do this, paint your base with the darker color (in this case navy blue) . Then take a sponge, and paint a strip of navy blue and cobalt blue. Use a patting on bouncing motion on the nail to get the perfect gradient

 Step 2: the French tip

 Using a detail brush, draw a half French tip in navy blue (above the cobalt blue) and the other French tip in cobalt blue (above the navy blue).

Use the same sponge, but in reverse, carefully create the gradient.

 Step 3: finishing

Clean the edges and finish off with a glossy top coat.


If this guide helped you with this trend, don't forget to use #ILMPopticalillusion and tag us. We'd love to see your take on this mani!

Here a few more combinations of the optical illusion mani to inspire you:

Optical Illusion Nails



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