How to Match Your Nails with Your Outfit - I Love My Polish Blogs

How to Match Your Nails with Your Outfit - I Love My Polish Blogs

We often prioritize matching our outfits with the right jewelry, clutch, shoes, and even a relevant makeup look and hairstyle. So, we tend to forget about our nails and are confused about what type of nails would suit our outfit. Well, fear not! My mission for today is to give you an idea of the different ways you can style your nails according to your outfit, which can serve as inspiration when you’re in a dilemma.

When you’re wearing a black dress, there is no way you can go wrong. Sticking to simpler, deeper color tones to match the dark beauty vibe may seem like the best thing to do. However, pairing your black dress with intense, flashy, and dramatic nails can create a contrast that draws attention.

If you’re wearing a flashy sequin dress to the club, then Flakies or Holographic Nail Polishes are the way to go. The Glitter Flakes and Holographic Particles on your nails will resemble a galaxy and prove to everyone that you’ve got the world around your finger. Glitter always serves that oomph factor.

On those days when a pair of jeans has got your back, but you are utterly confused about how to make your nails stand out while wearing such a simple outfit, jewels are the way to go. Accessorizing is key, not only when it comes to regular jewelry like earrings or necklaces but also when it comes to your nails. Accessorize your nails by adding jewel details to your nail art, a remarkable way to complement your denim outfit.

When you’re wearing an Indian Traditional outfit, especially a bold Saree or a gorgeous lehenga, you may feel the need to go bold with your nails as well. However, there is no clear-cut rule that says you need to go bold with your nails to match the vibe of your outfit. Going simple on your nails will serve as the perfect balance and won’t make you look too overwhelming or extra.

Since Paisley and Mandala are common designs used in Indian ethnic outfits, you can always draw some paisleys or mandalas on your nails to serve the royal Indian look. If you aren’t the best artist then you should check out our Mandala and Paisley stamping plates to achieve the look through Stamping Nail Art.

If you are wearing Henna, go with a contrasting effect by wearing color-changing Thermal Nail Polish with a similar color shift such as red to pink or green to brown. If color shifts are your thing, then, you should consider checking out our selection of Chameleon Nail Polishes, another type of color-changing Nail Polish.

Bow Nail Polish - Burn it Down (thermal + magnetic)

If you are not looking to change your nails every day according to your outfit because I admit, it can be a bit of a hassle, then here are some minimal ideas for your nails that suit almost every outfit:

  1. French Manicure is evergreen and is a savior when it comes to creating a balance with your outfit.
  2. Monochrome goes with everything, so just choose your favorite color and stick to a similar color scheme for your outfits if you want to match.
  3. White Nail Polish is the easiest to pair with your regular everyday outfits.

 You don’t always have to style your nails according to your clothes. Matching them with your accessories like jewelry, purses or your belt can be a new take on your nails. If you are wearing silver jewelry, then be sure to choose a cool to neutral tone nail color whereas if you are wearing golden jewelry, then stick to warm to neutral nail colors.





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