How to remove glitter polish

How to remove Glitter nail polish?

We all struggle and dread getting glitter polishes off. While the bling is amazing it is a painstaking task to remove glitter polishes.

So here are two easy ways to get your Glitter nail polish removed.

A. Soaking Nail Remover in Cotton Balls

  1. Firstly, use a moisturizer or cuticle oil, as the acetone used for removing the nail polish will dry off your nails promptly.

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  2. Next, Soak the nail remover in a cotton and insert it to the fel soak cap. Get your gel soaking cap from the here

  3. Then, wrap it up in your fingers till the glitter nail polish softens.

  4. Keep for at least 10-15 mins for it to do its work well.

  5. Note that, you can also scrape off the stubborn glitter particles using a cuticle pusher, but be very gentle while doing so.

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  6. Wash your hands after removing everything, then moisturize your hands once more.
Soaking nail remover in cotton balls- how to remove nail glitter at home
B. Using a Peel - Off Base Coat
  1. Apply a peel base coat all over your nails. It’s important to note that your peel off base coat is completely dry before you start using the nail polish.

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  2. Because using the peel off base coat will not make your manicure last longer. Hence, a layer of regular base coat is recommended.
  3. After the base coat completely dries off, you can start applying your glittery nail polish.
  4. Use at least two coats of the glittery nail polish for better results.
  5. Finish your manicure by applying a top coat.
  6. Now removing the nail polish is a piece of cake. You can use a cuticle pusher to nudge the cuticle of your nail in order to have an easy removal of the peel off.


  7. After you’re done, was your hands and use a moisturizer or a cuticle oil. 


Using peel-off base coat - how to remove glitter polish


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This is super helpful. 😀😍👍The struggle with removing glitter polish, & in the process over-drying finger tips has always been an issue , since glitter polishes are so hard to remove. I literally scrub my nails of off glitters.🤦‍♀️


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