How to use Glitter Nail Powder?

How to use Glitter Nail Powder?

It could be New Year’s, or a party or a wedding you just can’t go wrong with glitter nails.

We’ve all been tempted to buy a huge bottle of glitter polish that we just know we’re going to use just once or twice a year . What if I told you there’s another way to get glitter nails without feeling guilty about your polish drying up?- enter glitter powder.

Glitter powder is the magic ingredient for amazing glitter nails every time.


 Just a few easy steps you have to follow. So let’s get started!!

  1. Apply a base coat. 
  2. Next, choose a light pink polish as a base colour.


  1. Before the base colour dries off, scoop out the glitter powder with a metal cuticle pusher and spread it all over your nails or you can just dunk your nails onto the glitter powder container.Make sure the edges are all covered by glitter as well. Shop glitter powders here.
  2. Now, with a clean up brush, softly wipe off the excess glitters.
  3. If you want an opaque glitter effect, go with over another layer by applying a top coat and repeating the process mentioned above.
  4. Finish it off by applying a thick layer of top coat.


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