How to use Nail Powders and Pigments without UV Gel?

How to use Nail Powders and Pigments without UV Gel?



Have you bought a nail powder and found it too messy? Or

found that it doesn’t even last a day? or

that it doesn’t shine as much as advertised?

Nail powders or pigments are the key to having those picture perfect looking glossy nails, with metallic or mermaid shine. Achieving the look is easier than you think. Follow the ILMP Rule book and your nails will be ready to dazzle that shine in a matter of minutes.

It is indeed the easiest and quickest mode of nail art if done right!

These are the types of rub-on nail powders you'll find:

nail powder types india


Here's how to use the a holographic nail powder :


Base coat- DeBelle base coat

Black polish – Moraze Black Polish

Top coat – DeBelle Top Coat

Holo powder-  Bronze holographic powder

Water based top coat/peel off base coat – G.C Peel off Base Coat to seal it all in



  1. Apply your base coat, and a dark opaque polish (preferably black). Let it dry
  2. Then apply your top coat.
    Now here’s the tricky part. Do not let it dry for a long period of time It needs to be just set enough that you leave a fingerprint when you press in the polish. This is to ensure the nail pigment of your choice sticks well.
  3. Now take a tiny amount of the powder or nail pigment on your finger and gently dab it on the nail. Once you’ve dabbed the powder over the entire nail, begin to buff the powder. Keep buffing until the entire nail is covered.

Alternate Step: The Nail Powders at ILMP come with an eyeshadow brush like applicator, to rub with. You can also use a silicone brush applicator, which can help you get into the right crevices.

  1. Use a fluffy brush to clean up the excess powder and repeat the above steps for each nail
  2. Now to seal it all in, use a water based top coat or a peel off base coat. Remember any other type of top coat will get rid of the shiny effect.
  3. To make it long lasting seal the water based top coat/ peel off base coat with a normal glossy top coat and your nails are all set


You can always experiment further with nail powders and pigments, such as by creating gradients, using them for making stamping nail arts with pigments and stampers etc.

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