For people who love painting nails and treat it as a life- death situation, getting the right shade and nail art seems like a really big deal, and trust me it definitely is.

Remember when you wore that amazing Red dress for your last date and got your nail polish chipped, then ended up hiding your hands under the table the entire time?  Yes, that is what’s not to be repeated. So, I’ll be sharing with you some tips to make your nail paint make you look like a star.

  • Tip #1: Three Strokes!! Not less. Not more.


Before you start coating your nails with polish, keep in mind the consistency of the nail polish so you don’t overdo the number of coats required. Sometimes a nail polish is translucent or sheer and needs more coats than a normal polish. The best way would be to apply a nail polish until the white part isn’t visible. A good nail polish usually becomes opaque in 1 or 2 coats but don’t keep putting layers of polish or you might ruin everything you wish to decorate it with. You want the polish to do the majority of the work and spread out as it’s placed on the nail with a brush.Starting at the base of your nail, stroke the brush to the left, to the right, and then down the center, and there, it’s done.


 One of the brands that gives you one or two coat finishes is Spekta Nail polishes.


  • Tip #2: Always. I repeat, always. Use a base coat.



It might take you some extra time, because perfection takes time (*wink*). Putting a base coat gives the coloured polish something to adhere to, making your nail paint last a couple of days longer and get that exact colour that you’ve applied. It also prevents staining on your nails from pigmented paint.Which is why girls, it is important to use a base coat to keep your nail health intact.


 One of the brands that provides a Peel off Base Coat is Gorgeous Cosmos .

Peel off base coat is used for easy nail polish removal. It forms a smooth, clear base for your manicure.


  • Tip #3: Top coat is a Must.




Top coat seems like a no-brainer for most, but you’d be surprised how many people skip it. Do not be one of those people, since top coat is the easiest way to prevent chips. Look towards a basic top coat, and paint it all the way to the tip of your nails to lock in your polish and also to add gloss to your nails.


Some  of the best top coats are Born Pretty no smudge top coat.


  • Tip #4: Don’t forget to clean up extra edges.



We have all coloured outside the lines, but when you do it with a nail polish, you want to be precise in your clean-up technique. Try dipping an old lip brush or maybe an ear bud into a bottle of nail polish remover or acetone and wipe the extra edges carefully so that you don’t ruin your nail paint on the required parts as well.


Try out this Clean up brushes for nail art.


  • Tip #5: Find a shade you’re comfortable wearing.




There isn’t any specific shade that is good for a skin tone. Choose a shade that makes you feel comfortable and happy, no matter what your skin colour is. Experiment even, if that makes you happy. Mix colours, create new patterns and try new shades you’ve never tried before. The whole purpose is to make yourself happy and feel beautiful.


Try some beautiful range of  shades from  Beauty people, Kyth and Kin ,Born Pretty.



  • Tip #6: Use Cuticle oil religiously.




An easy way to look like you’ve just stepped out of the salon is to use Cuticle oil, which instantly hydrates your nails. Apply the oil over your entire nail after you’ve painted it—if you accidentally hit your nails against something, the oil offers some slip, so they’re less likely to nick and also it provides nutrition to your cuticles and helps them stay hydrated.


Check out this amazing Ariana nail oil.

I’ts amazing you guysssss!!!!!


  • Tip #7: Dry with cold water.



Okay, it may sound a little weird, but hear me out. Holding your hands under cold water or dipping your fingertips into ice water for a minute or two helps your polish dry faster. So, fill up a small bowl with cold water and chill out (literally). It helps the smudged nail polish in filling up the empty spaces and look normal again too.


Pro tip: You can also buy Quick Dry Nail Polishes



I hope these tips were helpful to you all and will help in saving you from nail paint emergencies as well.

Happy nails to all of you!!!!




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