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If high-quality boutique nail polishes are what you were waiting for, then your wait ends here because our latest collection which I Love My Polish is bringing to you is ILNP!


ILNP stands for I Love Nail Polish, a cute little acronym that finally represents us nail polish fanatics. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States of America, ILNP was created by Barbra Salet and started in late 2012 by selling its first nail polish on Etsy, an online marketplace. Since then, the brand has evolved into a big platform, selling almost every variation of a good nail polish you are looking for. You name it, they have it!

ILNP prides itself on its cruelty-free and vegan policy i.e., they do not test its products on animals nor do they purchase materials from suppliers that do. Their nail polishes are also 7-free which means they are non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals such as Formaldehyde, Camphor, Xylene, and more. So, it’s safe to say that ILNP is your go-to ethical brand and you don’t need to think twice before purchasing their products.

Now coming to the part of the blog you’ve all been waiting for: the nail polishes! ILNP has a wide range of nail polishes you can choose from. Going through all the different shades and finishes is like entering another world, a world of sparkles and glitter! The majority of their nail polishes have holographic, jelly, chrome, and metallic with that shimmering finish that attracts attention. Unlike most brands you see in India, their polishes are truly innovative and each shade is a statement in itself. And it’s never just one solid color. There’s always something playful going on. ILNP makes an effort to spice up their polishes by introducing color-shifting features, adding micro-flakes, or simply adding a touch of glitter.

If shimmery polishes are your thing, then here are our recommendations: ILNP Juliette, ILNP Mega

credits: @ilnp on Instagram

credits: @anastaciy_a on Instagram

Not only does it have shiny and dazzling polishes that look best under sunlight and is sure to attract attention wherever you go, but they also have more subtle colors for a more professional setting, if that’s what you’re looking for at the moment.

Here is our recommendation to rock that corporate look: ILNP CEO

credits:@cebella_nails on Instagram

There are some days when you feel so bold and confident. You rock on a red lip and put on your most scandalous dress, ready to show the world what you’re really about. All that’s left is a relevant nail color that completes your look and gives you that strong and alluring aura you’re going for. Well just as you would expect, ILNP has multiple shades for those days!

My go-to colors for these days are: ILNP High Voltage, ILNP Carrie, 

credits: @weeklynail_ on Instagram

credits: @helene____b on Instagram

ILNP also has several collections such as the Winter Collection and the Midnight Collection if you are a person who enjoys a specific style or tone of nail polish and wants multiple to suit the vibe.

Leader in variety and truly an indie phenomenon, ILNP has a shade for every occasion. Be it a light pastel color to go with your sundress on a picnic or a prominent dark and shimmery color to go clubbing in, you are sure to find something you love and just can’t wait to buy from ILNP. Lucky for you ILMP is bringing you the best shades of ILNP to India and there is a wide variety to choose from! Be sure to check them out and find the best fit for you that catches your eyes!







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