Stunning Indian Wedding Nail Art Designs to Complete Your Bridal Look

Stunning Indian Wedding Nail Art Designs to Complete Your Bridal Look

When wedding bell rings it calls for a million of preparation from finding right kind of bridal outfit too matching them with perfect jewellery because each and every details matter when it comes to wedding

And there is one more thing that plays a huge role in your bridal look and that is your perfect nail art

So where are a list of designs for your big day.

1.Red nails with gold foil

Red Nails with Gold Foil - Indian Wedding Nail Art

The combination of red nails with gold foil is a winning one if you wish to end up with pretty nails on your wedding day. and it also adds the right amount of celebration.

2.Maroon and glitter

Maroon and glitter- Indian wedding nail art

If red color is not in your mind, then you should go for dark maroon shade paired with glitter. When we thought that nothing can beat red color on wedding day, Maroon nails came in, becoming the biggest trend ever.

3. Red abstract waves

Red abstract waves- Indian wedding nail art design

It’s completely fine to not go with glitter or heavy nail art. Every time. You can also go for simple flowy red waves. It is an another way to embrace red nails without covering your entire nail.

4.French manicure rhinestone 

French manicure rhinestone - Indian wedding nail art design

French manicure with a little twist. As we know, French manicure is everyone’s go to nail Art. if you are also in team French manicure, then you can add some rhinestone to you French manicure nail art.

5.Pearl Nail Art

Pearl nail art - Indian wedding nail art design

Pearls are the perfect accent I mean they’re not like diamonds but they add a pretty touch without being too flashy. You can add nail art in your wedding day Wish list if you want to try something, minimal with a decent touch.





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