Males And Nails -  Trend Setters In The Nail World

Males And Nails - Trend Setters In The Nail World

Nail Art for men is surely a thing now. A thing that was once considered as “GIRLY” has now transformed into a worldwide range.

Doing nail art is not a thing determined by gender. Now we have a list of male celebrities.

Here are the 5 trend setters in the nail world:-

The Marc Jacobs 

Marc Jacobs - Males and nails

As we are discussing nail art for men, Marc Jacob has something to woo with us. Marc Jacob with his holographic nails or just here to slay, he is surely a trendsetter himself.

2. Prateik Babber

Prateik Babbar - Males and Nails

Prateik Babber is surely raising the temperature by doing nothing and just being his natural self. Prateik Babber is one of the few men who brought back the trend into mainstream. Yeah, his graphic motif details along with the separate art for each Nail was just amazing.

3. Harry Styles

Harry Styles - Males and Nails

He is surely responsible for stealing our heart with his looks, and Now, He is succeeding in breaking general stereotypes. Harry Styles’s “All Smiles” black and yellow Nail Art was definitely a hit.

4. Kartik Aryan 

Kartik Aryan - Males and Nails

Not only the Hollywood buddies but our Bollywood Army is also doing these Nail trends. Are handsome hunk “Kartik Aryan” is definitely a “The Number 1 Shot”. The actor adds up to the nail art for men collection through his all black nail paint.



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