nail art for short nails

Nail Art for Short Nails

Long nails are always getting all the attention from everyone and everyone is so obsessed about long nails but it’s been time since short nails are in spotlight. Yes, we have a very less space to play With it but when has that ever stopped us.

Here some nail art that can make your short nails Look amazing :


1. Edgy Flames


The flame design is just so perfect for your short nails as it is just so cool as hell. All you have to do is make flames with the help of your nail art brush on your nails with your favorite color.


2. Similes

smilies- nail art for short nails

This is the best part about having smiley nails that you don’t have to have long nails to rock your look. Smiley nail art can give your short nails, a cute look


3. French Tips 

french tips - nail art for short nails

French step has always been a perfect style even for the short nails. this is a go to style for your nails. It’s kind of a “short nails but better vibes”.


4. Strawberry Nail Art

Strawberry nail art - short nail art

It’s no wonder Strawberry Na is getting very famous in nail art world . specially on short nails. strawberry aesthetic is all about having fun with colors that ultimately elevate your mood when you look down at your hands. 


5. Negative Space

negative space - nail art for short nails

In nail art game, you don’t have to cover each and every part of your nail every time sometimes leaving a little space can look cool. Negative space Nail art is just perfect for your short nails. And can give a futuristic feel.



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