Nature's Neons

Nature's Neons

It is the season of neon! As we gear up for the exclusive launch of Moraze's neon nail polishes on ILMP, we decided to plan our nail designs ahead of time.
Don't you ever see a flower or a pattern and immediately save it in your mind for your next nail art? When we thought about Moraze's neon polishes, we thought galaxy, bio-luminescence and eye-catching, bright flowers.
Check out our inspiration for these neon polishes:

Watching these tiny specks of light moving around in a darkness is mesmerizing.
When we imagined this picture, we immediately were thought of dotticures! They’re beginner friendly and can be done using a dotting tool or even just a bobby pin.
Check out this Dotticure below Moraze Deep Space and Moraze's neon range.

Dotticure under uv light inspired by fireflies

Can you imagine walking into a dark forest and you see these glowing mushrooms crawled up on a tree? It may be eerie to some, but we feel it gives the perfect spooky and Halloween vibes.
Below is a great example of a freehand nail art. We love the effects that Moraze’s neon UV glow polishes on the edge of the mushrooms. You can achieve such intricate looks using a Detailing Brush from our shop.


The sea has always been a mystery and its creatures, even more so. For this idea we looked at the swirl and flow of a jellyfish in the sea.
You can achieve this nail art using water marbling or by using a Detailing Brush to draw it.

How can we not include aurora borealis in this list. These gorgeous smattering of colours that light up the sky are just too stunning to put into words. Moraze neon polish are perfect for a nail art inspired by the northern lights.
Use a fan brush from this set of 7 brushes or a sponge to mimic the perfect look of the northern lights.

Even without a UV light, the Moraze neon range makes a statement of their own. Combining the neon polishes and flowers give the perfect summer/ tropical vibe!
Use a Detailing Brush to draw them freehand. Don’t forget an El Corazon Top Coat to seal in your hard work!

Moraze's Neon range is the most affordable glow in UV light formula you can have. Launching soon!

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