HEY THERE BEAUTIES! Can’t believe that October is already here, how fast time is flying by and here we are the Fall Season is already here. The Fall Season means The Festival Season, speaking of which the nine-day and nine-night’s festival of Navratri is here. We’re going to show you some fascinating nail art looks to make your navratri blissful and colourful. 


STEP ONE-  Start with a base coat first to protect your nails ,use G.c peel of base coat and let it dry down (so ,no rushing ahead with a half-wet base please).

STEP TWO-   Then apply white nail paint as a base polish, use Beauty people fairy white nail paint then take a dotticure tool, if you don’t have a dotticure tool then not to worry you can also use a toothpick or a bobby pin.

STEP THREE-  Take four neon colour  nail polish of your choice from the(we are using G.C neon nail polish collection),then take a empty palette and pour some of the nail colour on it after that "take a bobby pin and dip it into your first shade and randomly place dots on the nail, repeat step three, If polishes  start to dry, just apply more on your bobbypin ,  you have  to make sure the polish is wet and not tacky.  Once you’re done with dots, give couple of minutes to dry and then apply a nice layer of top coat use Beauty people –see through mini pro nail art ,to keep your nail art in place and there you go, nice easy and colourful nails.


It's easy to create tiny, even spots,- even though yes, they look pretty complicated. "The pressure you apply on the nail will determine the size of the dot. If you’d like a small dot, put less pressure. If you’d like a big dot, make sure there’s more polish on your bobby pin and apply more pressure on the nail.



This technique is very time consuming but totally worth it

STEP ONE -  Start by applying a nice coat of base coat nail polish, then paint your nails with two coats of blue green nail polish use Kyth and Kin super high gloss nail polish let it dry completely .

STEP TWO-   Apply a coat of Born Beauty no smudge  top coat (don’t let it dry) .

STEP THREE-  Take holographic glitter sequins ( use Colourful holographic sequins nail glitter mix)  with the help of toothpick and place it on the nail carefully,continue until you place the glitters all over the nail, one you complete this method, seal the whole nail with  nice coat of top coat, so that your glitters stays in place.


Use a semi dry nail paint for placing your glitter sequins so that you can can move it easily without messing it up.

Look your pretty festive nails are good to go.




Stamping is easy and quick when you get the technique down “ and it’s a great way to be creative .

STEP ONE -  Apply stamping polish to your stamping plate use Moyou London stamping plate –Kaleidoscopic 05,  if you don’t have stamping polish then you can use our  Beauty people –coal black mini pro nail paint  . Scrape off the excess polish with your scraper and stamp.

STEP TWO-  Now apply polish on the image you want to use ,cover half of the image on the plate with polish ,and scrape in one direction, you can also scrape it in multiple direction .

STEP THREE-  Gently roll your stamper  Magnifying clear jelly stamper with  cap across instead of pushing down hard and stamp.

STEP FOUR –  Start filing your image with different colours ,here we using Beauty people colour therapy nail polishes  collection ,now after filling in your image you can let it dry for five to ten minutes and a create your own custom decal .

STEP FIVE –   Using tweezers,gently peel off the image from the stamper,the reversed side is the finished image ,place your custom nail decal onto a prepped and dry nail. Use Spekta cool cat white nail polish as a base colour. After placing your decal onto the nail, smooth out any bubbles and trim off any excess with scissors. Use acetone and a clean-up brush Clean up brush for nail art to melt away any excess polish around the cuticle or side walls. Seal it with Beauty people see through mini pro nail paint.

And Voila, you are ready to flaunt your nails.


You can directly stamp your image by pressing it onto your nail instead of creating a decal and remove the excess with scissors or tweezer.

Also Clean your plate and scraper after every use,so you can get a clean pick up.



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