Perfect way to take care of long nails

Perfect way to take care of long nails

Long nails are really pretty to look at and just like every other pretty thing they require maintenance and upkeep. If you are one of those people who think that you can never be able to grow your nails fast, a certain length we have some tips for you.


1.Be careful with your nails


Nails are not tools. Don’t  do any activity which is not good for your nails like prying open a bottle cap with your nails etc. 

2.Use nail polish remover :-

Always use a good nail polish remover to remove the nail polish from the nails because a bad nail polish remover can dehydrate your cuticles and the nail plate and if you don’t have any nail polish on your nails just use the remover to clean the dirt .

3.Moisturize your nails :-

Wear gloves any time you're washing the dishes, and make sure to apply moisturizer immediately after your nails are exposed to water. Use a good quality moisturizer for your hands .You need to massage it into your nails.

4.Clip your nails :- 

If your nails are chipping then just clip a tiny bit . You should also sometimes trim and file your long nails.That will help you to have long nails in the long run without breaking them.

5.Think about your polish:- 

Before applying or buyinh any nail polish make sure you're buying or using a good product.polishes containing toxic chemicals can lead to cracking, breaking and brittleness.

6.Take care of your cuticles :-

Picking or peeling the skin off can do more harm than good and can even leave you with a bad skin tear or infection. Just push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher and apply a good amout of cuticle oil.use a clean cuticle trimmer to trim very carefully

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