Press-On Nails: The Easy Way to Wear Nail Art

Press-On Nails: The Easy Way to Wear Nail Art

Love seeing pretty nails and always wondered why you don’t have healthy nail growth? Does that mean you can never carry those pretty Long Nails with dazzling arts, catching all the attention and matching it with your wardrobe?

Not at all! Read ahead to know as we spill the secret…

Press-On Nails are the latest revolution in the Nail World, which takes the trend of Fake Nail a notch higher! We all have spent hours in the salon getting our acrylic nails done and splurging money, knowing that we are damaging our Nails.

Buying those cheap ready-made fake nails, with the tiniest glue bottle which will turn out to be dry, is such a bummer and mood spoiler.

Taking on these vices away is our easiest solution of Press-On Nails, the name itself reveals the technique. These are Set of Nails made in universal Nail sizes for each of the 5 nails, with actual polishes and not plastic-filled content, and are predesigned in nature.

They come with Glue Tabs (both sides adhesive) which even takes away the woes of owning a dried nail glue.

The usage is very simple, and takes less than a minute, transforming your nails with a picture-perfect look. All you have to do is,

STEP 1: Take an acetone swab, clean the base of your nails, and then once dried

STEP 2: Place the glue tab, sticky side down in the middle of your nail and remove the plastic film to expose the other adhesive side.

STEP 3: Take the Press On nail (meant for that nail) and place it over it, make sure you give it a tight click to ensure it has taken onto the glue tab. And Voila! You’re done!

STEP 4: Flaunt them!

Things you should know when using Press-On Nails

  1. They are meant for a small temporary use- like wearing them on for an occasion, party, etc.
  2. In case you do too much physical activity- prefer removing them in advance
  3. They are reusable in nature- all you need is a pack of glue tabs, and you can use them again and again!

Check out the variety of Press-On Nails at I Love My Polish:


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