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Quick Nail Art Idea - Cartoon Nails

As we all know, these days, comic world is gaining more fans than ever before. Everyone so obsessed, about the comic fashion trends and comic nail art. Many people are trying to make their nails look like the character, shown in comic books.

cartoon nails

This nail art looks very difficult, but in reality it’s not that hard to achieve nails like comic trend

All you need is 

  • A base coat 
  • Bright nail colour 
  • Black and white nail polish 
  • Detailing brush 
  • Top coat for a simple comic book look


In first step, we will apply base coat on our nails to create a smooth surface for your nail art.

step 1 of cartoon nails


Now in second step, we will use a bright colour polish and will apply two coats of that polish. Now Let it dry completely. You can choose any bright colour nail polish, As per your choice. 

Pro tip:- The best way to make it pop would be using Neon Nail Polishes

step 2 of cartoon nail art


In third step, we will use a detailing brush and black polish to create an outline all around nails and always start with a thin line .

step 3 of cartoon nails


In fourth step, we will use a darker colour polish for a better comic look and apply it on the sides. Remember always choose a darker shade of the same colour used in second step. 

step 4 of cartoon nails


in Fifth Step, To make the nail art look like 3-D, We Will use a white polish to create line around black polish with the help of same detailing brush.

step 5 of cartoon nails


In final step, we will be using a matte top coat for making or Nail art smooth and long-lasting and tadaaa our comic 3D nail art is ready.

step 6 last step of cartoon nails



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