Reflective Glitter Nails - The New Bling in Town

Reflective Glitter Nails - The New Bling in Town

Reflective polish is a revolutionary nail polish invented in 2021 first by Bow Nail Polish when we had just got our first batch of them! (Yes, the launch at ILMP was the first non-gel launch of it in India!).

When the nail polish is exposed to a direct flashlight, halogen bulbs, sunlight, or any lights, it lights and glimmers up with bright lights, creating a stunning effect like a crushed diamond! These are not exactly creme-based or jelly-based but are somewhere in between. These nail polishes have an average dry time and become textured (but not too gritty) upon drying. For a smooth finish, applying 1-2 coats of fast dry top coat is recommended over it.


Reflective polishes can be removed just like any other nail polish. Simply apply over the peel-off base coat and you can remove it without any trouble, unlike most glitter polishes. Soon the trend caught on fire, and still is fascinating the nail world!

Since last year, many innovations have been coming to it, such as Born Pretty launching its line of Reflective Glitter Nail Polishes, which did extremely well with us at I Love My Polish and went out of stock several times, (did you grab yours yet?)

What Born Pretty started subtly was a collection with 3 silvers, which were not all similar because 2 had a mermaid-like finish added to them (DM 002 and DM003). Although under the flash all 3 silvers would glow the same, the 2 mermaid finish ones, would have a unique touch to them.


For flash reflective nail polish, the camera doesn't do it justice. You have to see it in person! It's the hottest nail trend in 2022! We realized this as 2022 decided to take Reflective Glitter Nail Polishes to the next level, with Penelope Luz nail polishes.

Shades like Temple were so dramatically attention seeking with things like duo-chrome nail polish with reflective glitter. Bow had already gone one step ahead and released its Thermal Reflective Glitter. The best part of these was that they were not gritty, and quicker to dry as compared to Born Pretty.

Since this hot trend caught every nail addict's attention, we had also ensured we get ourselves, the Masura Reflective Glitter Top Coat, which was ultra-gorgeous!!

Since then, numerous brands have been innovating in the US and Russia with it, like KB Shimmer, and Polish Molish. Comment below which is your favorite brand for Reflective Polishes.



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