Romantic Stamping Nail Art

Romantic Stamping Nail Art

 Nail stamping is a simple and effective way to express your creatively. It is a perfect solution for anyone who is not skilled with freehand nail art designing. Below are the steps mentioned on how to get your stamping nail art.

We’re going to show to how to do a nail art stamping design that is perfect for Valentine’s Day!


Things you need:

Let’s get started.
  1. Apply a base coat.
  2. Next, choose a light polish as a base colour (something as shown in the picture below).
  3. Once the base colour completely dries, choose a darker shade of any preferred polish and apply the nail polish to the stamping plate.
  4. Now, with the help of the scraper, scrape off the polish quickly before it dries off.
  5. Next, immediately but, gently press the nail stamper to the stamping plate to pick up the design.
  6. Now gently stamp the nail stamper on your nail to get the design.
  7. After repeating the process on all your nails, seal it off with a top coat for longer lasting.

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