salon like pedicure at home

Salon like Pedicure at Home

Pedicure at Home









Salon style pedicure at home when you don't have time to sit in a salon for hours here are the things you will need for the pedicure:-

Nail polish remover

 cotton balls 

soapy solution


 nail buffer nail filer 

nail cutter



base coat


And all you have to follow these 6 easy steps:-

1. To get your nail prepared for the pedicure - for that you have to get rid of your existing nail paint with the help of nail paint remover and Cotton pads.

Pour some nail paint remover on Cotton pads and hold it against your nails for seconds it will easily remove the nail polish.

Remove nail polish

2. Soke your feet and get a really relaxing experience - for this take a big tub and fill it with water with higher temperature, it will give you an enjoyable experience .Mix some Soapy solution in it dip your feet and let them soak this will help soften the cuticle of your feet. It will take 5 to 10 minutes in the mean while you can play with your phone or listen to your favorite music.

Soak your Feet

3.Scrubbing your feet with the help of scrub - this step will help you to get rid of tanned skin so it's a life Savior slowly rub the Scrub in a circular motion .do this for about 5 minutes after that rinse your feet and dry it with the help of Towel  and get ready for the next step.

Scrub Your Feet

4. After softening your feet we are going to trim and shape our toe nails - Use a pumice stone to rub and remove all the harden skin from your feet

Now using nail cutter to trim your nails and shape your nails with the help of a nail buffer.

Trim and Shape your Toe Nail

5. Massage your feet you can use any foot cream you like or a body lotion of your choice for this step and keep massaging for like 5 to 10 minutes this type helps you to relax and your skin looks very healthy.


Massage your feet

6. Painting your Toe Nails - Start by applying a base coat, let it dry then apply two thin layers of your favorite nail polish on each nail and finish painting your nails by applying a top coat this will help you to keep your nail paint for a longer time.

Applying Nail Polish

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