Have you always wanted to create cool nail art like this? You can easily achieve some of the most intricate looking manicures with a technique called stamping.

Free handing is not everyone’s forte. Stamping plates are a saviour to the rest of us for cannot draw a straight line. Think about the endless possibilities and combinations you can create!

Stamping is a technique where the nail polish is transferred to the nails using a stamper. Think of this as the copy- paste method in the nail art world.


Here are the supplies you need to get started:

  1. A stamping plate– these are steel plates that have several designs, patterns and elements engraved on them. These are the designs that you would transfer to your nails. Our tip :  If you're new to  stamping , get a stamping plate that has larger designs and deeper etching.
  2. A scrapper - this tool is used to scrap the polish (at an angle) from the stamping plate
  3. A clear stamper - a sticky tool is used to pick up the polish from the plate and transfer to the nail


We also recommend beginning with a stamping polish like this one.

A cuticle defender will make the clean-up super easy .

Do not forget a top coat to seal in all that hard work!



1. Make sure all your supplies are within reach. You will need to move pretty quickly once the nail polish is on the stamping plate.

2. Apply your base colour and wait for it to completely dry before moving on to stamping.

3. Now, paint over your design on the plate and quickly scrape over it at an angle using a scrapper. You'll see the polish is now in the groves of the design.

4. Now pick up the polish from the plate using a stamper in a rolling motion over the design in one go.

5. Next, place the stamper over your nail and roll the design on your nail. Apply light pressure for the design to transfer.

6. Wipe everything clean - the stamper, the scrapper and the plate to get ready for the next design. Remember! Use a sticky tape (and not acetone) to remove the stray/leftover polish from your stamper

7. Repeat the above steps for the rest of the nails.

8. Seal everything in by gently applying a top coat.

And voila!


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