Tantalizing Textures

Tantalizing Textures

People say that big surprises come in small packages. This is especially true for nail polishes. They come in small glass bottles, but once you apply them, the happiness that they deliver is big! Don’t you all agree? A good manicure can be all the therapy you need after a stress-filled week.

Ever walked down the nail polish aisle and found yourself confused about which colour to buy and of which texture? There are a hundred different colours to choose from, and they come in a variety of textures that sound confusing. Crème, satin, tints, matte and more! What do these terms mean?

Don’t worry, girls! Scroll down to know what these nail textures look like, so you can show off your new-found knowledge the next time you go shopping!





Exactly what it sounds like, Matte finish means a polish that’s completely devoid of shine. Matte nails have been trendy for a few seasons now! Instead of a slightly shiny finish, these polishes claim to dry completely matte.They are usually quick dry polishes and dry faster than a regular nail polish which is an advantage of matte nail polishes. The special thing about this polish is that it goes with almost any and every kind of nail art or could be applied as it is and still look absolutely classy.

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Satin finish is matte’s shimmery version. Satin finish polishes are just like mattes with one exception: the inclusion of shimmer, which gives your nails a smooth, luxurious look.These polishes are perfect if you are the kind of girl that loves the idea of matte polishes but wants something a little lower-maintenance. They tend to look like matte polishes but with more shine and, often, more interesting colours. Since the satin finish gives out a faint shine, it looks stunning just the way it is. No extra effort required! But if you want to try a nail art, glitter nail art look great on a satin finish nail polish and add that oomph factor to your nails. This especially looks good in dark shades and can be worn for night events.

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By far the most popular, widely recognized nail polish finish is crème. These polishes are the simplest of the bunch; they are, in essence, pure colour – no additives, special glitter bases, or metallic pigments. However, they always have a great shine and smoothness to them that really set them apart from other polishes. They’re truly wearable for any occasion. In addition, versatility is a big plus and this finish offers the most colour options to choose from – perfect if you like to change your polish a lot! It looks perfect with colourful nail art.

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Tinted finish nail polishes offer a sheer wash of colour to your nails. It’s like you are wearing something on your nails but also you aren’t. They are basically transparent nail polishes with a little colour in them. They have a very thin consistency unlike other regular nail polishes and are also quick drying. They look amazing with every outfit and add that beautiful shine to your nails without much effort. Just 1-2 coats and you are good to go. Glittery nail art look terrific paired with tinted polishes.

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Texture is the newest trend in nail polishes right now and it’s used to describe how a nail polish feels, or the kind of illusion of texture it gives. There are so many types of textures that you could try on starting from matte to contrasting glitter particles to holographic effects and many more. These nail polishes come in handy when you have no time for nail art but you still want your nails to look classy even without a real nail art done. To help out girls not good at doing nail art or having busy schedules, textured nail polishes are a saviour. They come in all shades and textures and add that expensive nail art look to your nails.

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"Jelly" refers to the finish of the polish. Just like with frosts, shimmers, crèmes, mattes, glitters, etc., a jelly polish is unique because of how it looks on the nail. On the nail and even in the bottle a jelly polish will look translucent and jelly-like. Imagine applying a thin layer of red jelly to your nail. That's what a red jelly polish sort of looks like! Some describe this as "squishy," meaning that it looks like you could squish a jelly polish. Jellies can also contain glitter, shimmer, glass flecks, etc. and still be considered jelly polishes due to their translucency.Other than looking extremely cool on the nail, the best part about jelly polishes is that you can make jelly sandwiches with them! A jelly sandwich is when you apply a layer of glitter polish in between layers of a jelly polish to create a "sandwich." This makes the glitter particles look suspended within the jelly.





A crelly is simply a crème-jelly. A polish finish that can be layered to cover the nail line, but still has some sheerness to allow glitters to show through. Basically, a crelly is a crème polish that has the same type of "squishiness" to it that a regular jelly polish has, only without the translucency.Crellies are a bit more challenging to identify, and the same goes for jellies that are a bit more opaque. Sometimes you might need to actually open the polish and look at it on the brush--if you can see the bristles of the brush even when there is polish on the brush, then it just might be a jelly or crelly. These nail polishes usually aren’t used for nail art as they themselves look classy enough to be styled without a nail art. The glitter in it makes it look fabulous and can be put as it is.





The crackle glaze is actually formulated the exact opposite way you would normally want a nail polish to work. A quick drying solvent (alcohol) is added to the glaze which makes the polish dry quickly and unevenly, therefore resulting in cracks. Normally you want slow, even drying to ensure a smooth, glossy finish but by adding the solvent to the formula, you make an imperfect film that shrinks as it dries, resulting in the cracks and crevices that show off the base coat.Crackle manicures are a cool, fun way to achieve a unique look on your nails. They do take some practice to get the crackle effect you are looking for and do take some more time than traditional manicures. However, for a special occasion or if you want to mix things up a bit, I say give this look a try!




The spot it nail polishes are incredible by Dance Legend and it  allows you to create "cell" look nail art with ease!

To use, simply apply this white top coat over your freshly applied, still wet polish.  We recommend that you apply Spot It immediately over your base polish in random strokes, using the same technique as you would with crackle polishes – you don’t need to try and cover the nail evenly. The top coat spreads over the base color within several seconds, giving you some time to add a couple of strokes if necessary, and it dries on its own quickly. If you look closely at the macro shots of this polish, you may see a smeal amount of texture in the finished manicure, but it isn’t noticeable to the touch.


For extra shine and protection we always recommend finishing your nail art with a clear topcoat(Born Pretty no smudge top coat).

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