Tips To Get Your Stamping Game On Point!!

Tips To Get Your Stamping Game On Point!!

Stamping is one of the most famous and commonly used nail art technique. But are you really good at it? Or are you still learning the art of perfect stamping? Don’t worry if your answer is either of the two. Here are some easy tips that you can follow to ace your stamping nail art technique, even if you are a beginner.

To begin with the stamping nail art, you would need the following items:

  • Paper towels

  • Acetone

  • Cotton pads

  • Stamper and Scraper

  • Clean-up Brushes

  • Stamping plates

  • Regular nail polish and stamping nail polish

  • Base coat and Top coat

  • Cuticle Denfender






Before we begin with the stamping nail art, make sure you have applied the base coat as well as the regular nail polish (white) and let them dry completely.

  1. Take the stamping plate and remove its protective film.
  2. After you’ve removed the film, select and image and apply a thin layer of the chosen stamping polish.
  3. Using the scraper, swipe off the extra nail polish keeping it at a 45 degree angle.
  4. Now take the stamper and gently press it on the image, then transfer the image on your nails. Repeat this step on all your nails.

(Pro tip: Don’t forget to clean the stamper, scraper and stamping plate after each use.)

  1. After all the nails are done, take the clean-up brush and wipe off the extra edges with the help of an acetone.
  2. Now, the best part, after the nails have dried apply the top coat to get a lustrous effect.

Bravo! You’ve nailed the stamping nail art technique!

PRO TIP- don’t forget to apply a cuticle defender  ( Born Pretty peel off pink cuticle defender) before you start stamping , for clean and flawless look.

Tips and tricks

  • Best scraping techniques: While doing a stamping nail art technique, you may find it a little confusing as to how to perfectly scrape off the extra nail polish. Depending on the selected image, you can scrape off the extra nail polish by swiping it up, down or sideways.

(Pro tip: Do not put the nail polish on the whole image, just cover 1/4th part of the image and scrape off the extra so that it becomes smooth.

  • Best Stamping techniques: The best stamping techniques are the up and down or the rolling methods. If your stamper is a little firm, then the rolling method is the one to go for while if the stamper is a little soft, go for the up and down method.


  1. Ways to clean your Stamping plates, Stamper and Scraper
  • Use Acetone: The easiest way to clean your stamping plates, scraper and stamper is by wiping them with the help of acetone or an acetone based nail polish remover. Dip a cotton pad in acetone and wipe off the three tools to clean them perfectly.
  • Use tape: Use a tape on the stamper so that the design sticks to the tape and the stamper gets cleaned.
  • Use a lint roller: Take the stamper and press it on the lint roller so that the excess polish gets removed from the stamper.
  1. Duration of stamping process
  • The ideal duration of stamping is around 15 seconds. In these 15 seconds you should be able to transfer the nail polish onto the nails otherwise it will dry up.
  1. Regular polish Vs Stamping polish
  • A regular polish isn’t suitable for stamping as it doesn’t have a good colour pigmentation as compared to a stamping polish.
  1. Stamping over a base colour
  • Stamping over a coloured base nail polish isn’t always necessary. You can even directly stamp on the base coat to get a negative space stamping nail art.
  1. Picking up the image with a stamper
  • Make sure to clean the stamping plate after each use to avoid getting left over nail polishes on your new nail art that gets stuck in the crevices.
  • Also, avoid over scraping as it will dry up the nail polish and it won’t stick to the stamper.
  1. Proper way to stick the image to the nails
  • Make sure you don’t wait for very long to press the stamper onto your nails as it will make the nail polish to dry up and then it won’t stick to your nails properly.
  1. When to apply top coat after stamping
  • You should apply a top coat only when the stamping nail polish has dried completely so that you don’t smear the images. Apply a top coat after at least waiting for 10-12 minutes.


Hope these tips and tricks will help you ace your stamping game and encourage you to try some new styles too!
Happy nails to all of you!!


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