Top 7 Wedding Nail Art Design Inspiration for Indian Weddings

Top 7 Wedding Nail Art Design Inspiration for Indian Weddings


On your wedding day, everything has to be perfect and that includes your nails!

So, we're making your job easier and giving you a few nail art inspirations that you can try on your special day.

1. The Traditional Red with a Twist

A bride’s color at her wedding is red and we love how well the red goes with the Mehndi. Jazz up the simple red manicure with rhinestone and stickers. This added bling will definitely be an eyecatcher. 

2. Glitter Nails

If you’re going for a non-traditional approach, a soft pink nude with some bright glitter and a blingy accessory is sure to do the trick! Perfect for an unconventional bride.

3.French tips

A classical French manicure for that perfect clean look to your nails. If you’re a bride that has many outfit changes and doesn’t want the hassle of changing your manicure all the time, this French manicure is your best bet!


 4.Accessorized nails


A love good 3d accessories and this rose go so well with the red. 

5. Pink French Nails

For a bride that loves pink, this is the manicure for her. Long almond nails are the perfect shape for a modified French manicure in pink.


For the feet

On the wedding day, all eyes are on you- beautiful bride, so make sure you don’t forget your feet! Check out our pedicure ideas:

6.French tips on the feet are a great way to show the Mehndi.


7.Red with Gold Detail

Adding a rhinestone or a gold sticker detail on the toe is a great way to add some bling to your pedicure

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