There is no denying that a getting good manicure takes some time.
Do you sometimes wonder if you can just skip the base coat or the top coat and save on all that drying time?
Or that these  are just frills and not really needed?
Each has its purpose- a base coat is for the health of your nail while a top coat is for a long-lasting manicure.
Read on to see why we think base coat and top coat are important.


1.They make your manicure last longer
A good base coat has sticky resins as one it ingredients which helps the nail polish to adhere firmly to the nail plate. This helps to prevent peeling and chipping

 2.Prevents staining
Since base coat is applied before a polish, its acts as a layer and prevents the dyes and pigments of the polish  from reaching you nail. Applying a dark polish without a base coat will definitely stain your nails more.

NOTE: stained nails are very common and NORMAL if you wear dark polishes regularly.

3.Nourish and protect  your nails
Some base coats have extra nourishing ingredients that help with your nail health and encourage strong nails. These nourished base coats are important if you get gel nails or acrylic regularly.
Some special base coats also have ingredients to make your nail more flexible to avoid breaking and chipping

PROTIP if you have brittle nails , we recommend debelle basecoat to prevent painful chipping and breaking

4.Gives a smooth look
Natural nails have ridges (very normal) and a polish , especially matte can accentuate it. Using a  base coat like El Corazon Base Coat smoothens the surface and gives an even look to the polish .

5.Easy to remove
Peel off base coats are a life saver when you apply dense glitter polishes. You must have noticed that these polishes do not come off easy and you have to use a large amount of remover and rub it off, which can be very drying.
G.C peel off base coat makes like easy if you change your polish regularly and doesn't harm the nail bed .


base coat and top coat essentials



1.Protects your manicure
Born Pretty No Smudge topcoat
creates a hard layer over the polish and prevent its from scratches. They also protect against water which can cause the polish too peel of quicker.

 2.Adds a special finish to your nail
A top coat like Moraze is plumping and perfect for Neon and adding a  glossy sheen to your manicure. While this El Corazon top coat is great when you want to make it matte.

3.Are stain resistant
Its very common to get our polish stained by haldi from our food. Top coats form a smooth layer on top on the polish tat prevent the stain from adhering. So, there are less chances of your manicure getting stained if you have a top coat

4.Can help your polish dry faster
This is what we need in our lives! Anything that speeds up the drying time.

Littmuss Crystal top coat drastically reduces your drying time

 We hope we've convinced you hope important a base coat and a top coat is for your nail heath and your manicure.

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