Top Nail Color To Wear At Office

Top Nail Color To Wear At Office

What if you were told that you can only pick one nail color to wear for the rest of your life? Irrespective of the seasons and outfits, you’re forever stuck with that one nail color.

Doesn’t sound fun, right? Nail polishes are undoubtedly one of the most versatile ways to liven up the mood of your look. Whether you’re searching for more professional nail colors to wear to board meetings or looking to shake things up with something out of the ordinary for your next vacation, nail polish just makes everything more interesting.

Gone are the days when turquoise wasn’t considered work-appropriate nail polish.

With so many options to explore and play with, why limit yourself to only one or two?

Here is a list of I Love My Polish’s best-selling polishes most suitable for your workplace. Don’t feel shy from experimenting and playing with the rules of color as one thing’s for sure:  Variety is the spice of life.



Every Nail polish addict has a huge collection of creme nail polishes. Creme nail polishes are of the smooth formula single colored polishes. They are perfect for when you want to keep it simple, plain and fabulous! You can always use them to match or co-ordinate your nails with your outfit.

To go with your formal outfits, which may consist of a lot of Blacks and Greys, a White Nail Polish or Pearl Finish Nail Polishes may provide a beautiful contract to your hands. Wearing Indian? Have no worries, take the most muted color of your outfit, and wear it on your nails!

We loved these non-conventional colors, that can totally be worn in a professional work-space, like Bold Red and Plum Pink Nail Polish.



A Timeless and Classy Choice. There's a reason why  nude nail polish is always in trend. Classics are classics because they go with all outfits, and are graceful on the nails. No matter the season, the occasion or your age, nude nail polish will always work. To be creative with Nude Polish, you can again choose from a variety of Nudes, that is it may be a nude pink nail polish, or a beige nail polish, a cloudy white nail polish is definitely catching the trend.



Nail Art enthusiasts can blindly go for a typical French manicure to dazzle your nails.

The appearance of nude nails exudes sophistication and elegance without the need for excessive effort making it the perfect fit for professionals.



Holographic Nail Polish and has light reflecting glitter particles that give the nails a rainbow-like effect. Check out our blog on Holographic Nail Polishes to read more about it.

A Guide to Holographic Nail Polishes in India | I Love My Polish Blogs

They are opaque, diffusing and reflecting the light that hits them. While holographic Nail polishes are louder in general brands like ILNP and Born Pretty have High Quality Holographic Nail Polishes, which have small sized particles, and seek just the right amount of attention. You can always wear light colored Holographic Nail Polishes such as Sky Blue, Baby Pink etc. at your office and it is going to be a conversation starter!


Peel Off Nail Polish is, well, exactly how it sounds: it's a nail polish that can be peeled off rather than soaked off with acetone. Check out our Blog on Peel of polishes to know more about them.

Easy to Remove Peel-Off Nail Polishes are now in India! | I Love My Polish Blogs

Peel off nail polish  a natural water-based nail polish with resin as raw material, you can easily pull the whole piece from the nail down.

Nicole Diary at I Love My Polish, has some of the best subtle colored nail polishes, which have Flakies or glitters, or iridescent glitters inside them making them a true reflection of someone with a taste for beautiful Nail Polishes.

Nicole Diary’s Sheer Pink Nail Polish, and Ash Grey Peel Off Nail Polish is sure to steal your heart.

Peel-off nail polishes are very travel friendly as it does not require acetone, it is also good for working professionals as they can remove it and change their Polish anywhere and anytime. They are also very elegant and chic.

To shop such looks and explore more variety visit our website.

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